England Is Ready, We Saw His Foot Prints

I didnít know much about the Elim Church other than it was an organization and was started by the late George Jeffries. I saw a listing of ministers on one of the pages and my mind began to wonder. I wondered what these churches and pastors were like. It was then the Lord spoke to me and said, "Why donít you go and see?"

SOWERBY BRIDGE, WEST YORKSHIRE, ENGLANDóIt was a week full of ministry. I had never spoken seven times in one week but I heard the voice of God in April of this year. I was at home looking at an Elim Magazine. I didnít know much about the Elim Church other than it was an organization and was started by the late George Jeffries. I saw a listing of ministers on one of the pages and my mind began to wonder. I wondered what these churches and pastors were like. It was then the Lord spoke to me and said, "Why donít you go and see?" I asked the Lord when I should go, and He said, "Go in the middle of September and I will show you something." Seeking God for His will, His will always takes you to places of blessing. I put down the magazine, my heart began to soar in the Spirit. I had been seeking God that week and I wanted to know some answers about ministry and this was one of them. Iíve been called to be an editor for the great revivalóI also have a longing in my heart to be with Godís people and his ministers in ministry.

Warren Harkins & Jerrell Miller at Sowerby Bridge Elim Church in Yorkshire England

Last year as we traveled to Bradford, England, I was asked to go and minister with Brother Warren Harkins of Comanche, Oklahoma, at the Elim Church near Halifax in West Yorkshire. It was at Sowerby Bridge Elim Church where I met Pastor Don Tillett. The amount of glory that fell that day was incredibleóthe church was so full of His divine presence that Warren Harkins and I felt as if we had been in the holy of holies of the glory of God. It was one of those meetings that seldom comes along in a lifetime. That day I was in a place where God so manifested Himself we couldnít get it out of our minds. One scripture came to mind as the memory of His awesome presence flooded my spiritóIsaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." After a day like this at the Elim Church we longed and hungered for more of His glory. Don Tillett invited me back to England that day. Don visited Pensacola that year for the first time. Don and Karen, his wife, were so touched by God at Brownsville that the couple made two more trips. It was shortly after God spoke to me about going to England when Don came to Pensacola. I spoke with him and told him what God had spoken to me about going to England.

God had spoken to me about going to England

I told him I believed I was to come to the Elim Church. He once again extended his invitation to me. We began to make plans for the middle of September. The hardest thing with which I had to cope was leaving the newspaper for two weeks. It is very difficult to maintain a paper while you are away two weeks. You miss advertising and new subscriptions and in general, you have taken yourself out of the flow of what is going on here. But it was a good choice because I was following the voice of God to do what He wants. He comforted me and spoke directly to me about provision. I was learning a little about faith; trusting for provision and going into an area of ministry. God was in it as I prepared myself to leave on September 18, 1999. Earlier that month in Sacramento, Mickey Robinson called me out and spoke a word of prophecy over The Remnant and said the newspaper would become an international work and it would expand very soon. Those words were more than just words, because in the last three months we had been from coast to coast covering meetings in New York, California, and now it would be England.

My first week in England was spent with Martyn Sullivan, an Assembly of God pastor in South Kirkby, England. Martyn and my host, Don Tillett, went to Assembly of God Bible school together. This was an eventful week as we went to hear Ray Bevan from Wales. It was at his meeting that a young couple approached me and asked if I remembered them. I told them that I didnít remember them. Then they said, "You were the one who prayed over my grandson two years ago at Rottherham. He had never spoken and he was four years old. Shortly after you prayed for him, he began to speak." The woman was excited to meet me again and said that the boy had a word of prophecy spoken over him recently and the word said he would speak prophetically even as a child. I was deeply touched at hearing this and it built my faith for the next week of ministry. On Sunday night the parents of the little boy came to Swallownest, England, where I began my ministry time in England. David Littlewood introduced the little boy before I spoke that night. As I saw himóI remembered praying for him in Rotterham, England, at the Assembly of God church.

Martyn Sullivan Pastor of South Kirby Church

The next day I was taken to the church by Alan Lloyd. Alan and Eunice had hosted me the first week and took me to Epworth. Martyn Sullivan was in the office with Don Tillett as they renewed old memories. We started toward Sowerby Bridge where Don would host me for the rest of the time. The trip between South Kirkby and Sowerby Bridge was a display of Godís glory on the land of England. Anyone who goes to England and travels through York will not forget its beauty. As we traveled in Donís car the hills were full of sheep and the beauty of the day was in the cool air and the rolling hills of the Yorkshire farmland. This beauty of the land contrasts with the burden of what we are about to attempt. We are on a mission to touch ministers, lay people, and the lost with the fire of revival. The level of expectation of those in the Elim churches would touch me more deeply in my spirit.

A Full Week of Elim Ministry

This week would be one of the most rewarding experiences in ministry. I would take off my editorís hat to work and share with the people in the Elim Church. My host told me my first experience would be with the Elim Church in Halifax, England. The pastor there is David Green and his ministry associate is Peter Clothier. Davidís testimony is a story of reclamation as he was called to serve God after living a life of gambling that nearly destroyed his life. As Don Tillett picked me up and we began our trip to Halifax, you could feel the chill of the evening as the sun was bouncing shadows off the mountains in the Calder River Valley. You could see sheep like little dots all along the green grass on the side of the mountain. These mountains told a story of the great history of the land. As we looked up at one peak, Don pointed out a long pole with a bowl on the top of it. In the eighth and ninth centuries, this was the place where a fire was lit from peak to peak to warn the people of the Viking landings from the North Sea. The early settlers were the Celtic Druid people and many of their traditions were entrenched over the land. Celtic witches still inhabited the high places as sacrifices were even offered unto this day. This power for some reason is always found in the high places of the world. It hasnít changed since Biblical days, but a new awareness was beginning to touch the land as we would see a hunger we had never seen in the Elim people. In the last two times we visited England we saw much of the power of God but on this visit the land seemed to cry out to the God of Wesley and the early fathers to change the land. As we drove to the meeting, you go from small village to small village, and you notice the number of young people who walk the streets during the night time. England is a place where the birth rate among teenagers is the highest in Europe with many young girls even at the age of twelve becoming pregnant. The hopelessness in this land can be seen on the faces of the young people who walk the streets late into the night. Don Tillett said, "These young people are the future of revival. We must find a way to reach them." We know this is our mission.

As we came to the Halifax Elim Church that night, we saw the banners like those hung in Pensacola. We saw a steady stream of people enter the church and the hunger of God was in their eyes. These were Elim people who had the hope of revival in their hearts. As praise and worship began, the young Elim pastor shared with me that he had made the visit to Pensacola and that it profoundly touched his life. David Green and a few of his congregation had made the long trip to revival in Florida. Worship led to the time I would tell the revival story to the people. These people were hungry for God as I moved to a young woman who was playing the keyboard. As I reached out to touch her, the power of God touched her like a lightening bolt and she jolted from my hands and fell to the ground. More and more power began to manifest as I went from person to person and they fell to the floor under the power of God. Some came for prayer time after time. God was moving and I began to understand this was no ordinary hunger but this was a group of people who came looking for God and were not going away until they were touched. After the service as I got back in the car with Don Tillett I asked him, "Are all the people in the Elim Church this hungry?" And he said, "This was a special nightóGod moved through you because they believe in what is happening in Pensacola. These people understand that God will not move without repentance. Many in this country are ready to see God move. The message of repentance that was spoken tonight was the word they understand." More and more I understood that the message God wanted for his ministers and his people was the message of John the Baptist, "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Make your path straight."

God moved in such a great way we found ourselves looking forward to the next meeting with Godís people. Geoff Feasey would be the next Elim minister with which we would come into contact. Geoff was on the executive council of the Elim Church. He had asked us to come and minister to his men who had been in ministry for ten years. Don Tillett was one of those ministers. Once again the Lord moved me to speak about the beginning of revival in Pensacola. As I related the familiar story I could sense the expectancy of the men who were in front of me. I felt they were here by divine appointment and many had needs with which God wanted to deal. As I finished the familiar story I realized it was the first time many of them had ever heard the story of revival in Pensacola. I know the first time I heard John Kilpatrick speak about angels it was at a ministersí conference in Mobile. I can remember how hard it was at the time to be in the ministry, barely hanging on to what God had called me to do. To have the opportunity to minister to the servants of God was the greatest call one person could receive. As we took our lunch break I knew the time of ministry was close at hand.


We started back as the worship leader led us into the presence of God. In a vision, I saw the men of God who were in the room in a circle and God spoke to me that this is how I want you to minister to them. As I asked the men to move in a circle, Geoff  Feasey told me to do what God had directed me to do. His last words to me before ministry time were, "Let God have His way." Standing in a circle the prophetic voice began to move through me as I laid hands on each minister and spoke into their lives. I had an awareness that many were under great ministry stress and that God wanted to comfort and heal them this day. As I laid hands on them one by one, tears began to flow and heavy burdens began to lift. The power of God came into the room and the ability to speak and minister began to flow in a liberty I had not known before. Later on I would ask God, who am I to speak into these ministersí lives, and God quickly reminded me that He was the center of ministry and that I was the yielded vessel. I soon realized the message of revival was still centered around the repentance of man. It was that way the whole time during ministry that day. One thing that impressed me was how many of ministers in the United Kingdom are not covered by prayer. It became a burden as I began to understand each man for whom I prayed. The model for revival had not changed. The greatest need of the Elim Churches was the need for organized intercession to protect the men of God. Every minister with whom I spoke that day had one desire in common. They were hungry for a move of God in their churches and in their denomination. I knew that coming to them in September was ordained by God. I also knew that my message would change in the next few services as I began to see the tremendous need for intercessors in the Elim Churches.

God had taught me a lesson of ministry long ago to be in submission to my pastor. Many think that is a hardship but when you are ministering in places outside your church, you feel the sense of Godís presence from those in authority who have sent you out. I had so much to be thankful for. Paul Hudson was a man that knew the power of God and had seen his father work in the Elim Ministry to establish a great work. Paul was profoundly touched by the Brownsville Revival in May of 1998. The powerful preaching of Steve Hill had given him new direction at Dewsbury Elim Church in West Yorkshire. His church is a revival church and following the ministers meeting at Boston Spa, I would be his guest speaker that night. Once again a minister who had been touched by the Brownsville Revival was moving into the glory of God. That night I spoke the same message but with a different emphasis as the Lord wanted me to speak on a deep repentance of the heart that would move a church into the next level of Godís presence. I spoke about the evenings when we had gone to a conference at the Barnsley Church near South Kirkby. As we traveled through the small villages in town after town we saw the young people from 15 years of age up to their early 20s just standing on the street corners. As I rode in the small car, God spoke to me and said these young people would be the focus of the next revival in England. God wanted me to move into the area of holiness and speak to the people about the outside walls of the church. I spoke about the young people I had seen and tried to bring the burden of their souls to the people that night. I knew God wanted His church pure so He could call the young people of this nation out of the depths of their loneliness. Many of these young people had never heard of God and God wanted to move on their hearts to stop the fear and feelings of worthlessness that had captured their lives. That night the altar call was given for salvation and then another was given for service. Many came to deal with sins and lay them down. I thought about Wesley as he went from church to church preaching sermons everywhere. This week I would speak in seven churches and God would show His glory. While Iím no John Wesley, I understand this is how it is done. I know God has called me as an editor of this newspaper but the desire and the fire began to come into me to minister in any door God opened for me. It was such a privilege to preach and minister in these Elim churches. The Elim people were in the process of approaching God for a mighty outpouring of His Spirit.

On Sunday morning we were at our hostsí church in Sowerby Bridge. The mood of ministry once again changed to the message of holiness and power of repentance. In that service Timmy Haigh, 28, returned that day from Teen Challenge in Leeds. He had been a main line heroin addict. It was at Sowerby Bridge that he gave his life to Christ and entered the Teen Challenge program. Timothy had an amazing recovery -- from the time he accepted Christ he never suffered from any withdrawal symptoms. Phil Townend, brother of Stuart Townend, led worship during the altar call as the Spirit of God and prophecy moved in a powerful way.

Robert McDonald Was Saved After Reading Robert Murray McShanes Book

The last place we visited was the town of Wigglesworth, Bradford. Pastor Bob McDonald was an Elim pastor from Dundee, Scotland. He was saved while reading a book on Robert Murray McShane. McShane was a holy man who only lived to the age of 29 but shook all of Scotland through his example of holiness. This service was special as believers from several different churches packed the special Sunday night service. As we met the pastor in his office we began to pray for the outpouring of His Spirit during the service. God was in the house as the revival story was once again told. In the audience were four women who had traveled to Cardiff, Wales, and witnessed a visitation of angels during their intercessory time. It was the last stop of ministry and I could feel the power of God lift me. I was extremely tired that night but the power seemed to be more present as we went along into the night. Once again I had learned itís not about the minister but itís about the God in the minister that does the work. More than 300 people had visited the church that night and when we ended, I knew that God had completed the work He had asked me to do during the Spring. How honored and how blessed was I to move among some of Godís chosen servants in the Elim. Great ministry is inspired by great men. Ever since I received a letter from Wynn Lewis, the General Superintendent, I knew God had chosen the Elim to break revival in the United Kingdom. It was this Sunday morning that Colen Dye said he believed God was going to pour His revival Spirit in Manchester, England. God had not made a mistake -- he wanted me to witness the fire in this denomination.

Holy Spirit winds were over Elim This Week 

On Tuesday morning as my host, Don Tillett, was taking me to the airport in Manchester, England, I remembered at Sunderland, England -- Ken and Lois Gott had pulled back from everything they were doing to intercede for England and Europe. Their prayers are being answered. I have walked among the Elim people and I can tell you they are united and standing together for what is to come. England will have victory for I have seen it in the eyes of this denominationóthe leadership stands together for revival and it is just a matter of time until that fire is released. To know the will of God for your life is a wonderful thing and I know that God has fulfilled me. I heard His voice to come and I was obedient to go forward. Thank you, God, for sending me out.