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Editor Jerrell Miller on Hollywood Blvd. covering the Hollywood Tent Revival....

Suzanne Hinn speaks on intercessory prayer at Cathedral of Praise in Memphis, Tennessee


Prophet Francis Frangipane speaks in Atlanta, Georgia on the knowledge of God and how it relates to actions upon the earth

Mahesh Chavda welcomes Jerrell Miller and his wife Vivian to Conference in Chralotte, North Carolina.....

A flute player plays an Israeli Folk Tune in a cistern at Masada -- We will never forget!

Women dances with Israeli flag at Bethel Church in Redding, California........

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By Editor Jerrell H. Miller
LAGOS, NIGERIA -- We have seen the glory of God in Nigeria.  Prophet T. B. Joshua had just finished his morning teaching when he went to pray for the sick people who had lined up in the ally way of the church.  As Joshua was going to one side and was praying, over at the entry way to   the ally way a women who had a large sign over her that said, "Safe Delivery."  I had just walked by this women and had noticed her, I said, "Is she going to have her baby now."  Just seconds after I said that she began to have movement in her belly, as she stood up her water burst. She started to move to leave and the prophet of God turned around and pointed at her to stay where she was.  Joshua then breathed into his microphone and within 15 seconds the baby dropped to the concrete floor as the mother stood in a squat. The baby was picked up and taken to a room off the side of the ally, a physician was near and went in an saw that the baby was in good health.  

The Entire Church Witnessed The Birth By Closed Circuit Television

         How wonderful this day was, at the moment of birth you could feel the excitement as more than 15,000 people watched the birth in the main church by closed circuit television.  The women had come to the church because the baby was in the wrong position for birth but when the actual birth happened, the baby came forth by the power of God in perfect condition.  I witnessed this event as I was standing more than three feet from the women when her water broke.  In August of 2003 I was sitting close to the Zulu Princess Sibusile when she was touched by the power of God and was instantly healed of Epilepsy.  The reality of what God is doing at this church in Lagos, Nigeria is being honored by God.  This controversial man of God keeps growing by the verification of man. This picture below was in the alley way as the child was being born. All attention went to the women as the prophet moved toward her.  The archives of video at the church hold the testimony of all manner of healings. The before and after healings are a measure of the truth of this church, never in the history of revival have the verification of healing been a more powerful testimony than the records of this great church.  Testimony after testimony can be seen in the records of this ministry.  The ministry book logs the peoples illnesses as the come early on Sunday morning.  They are video taped before meetings.  The apostles who work under T.B. Joshua interview all the people.  They are asked about injury and if they are HIV postive  they have to have a medical verification.  When the HIV people are healed they can only be recorded as being healed unless they have a medical verification that the virus has left there body.  This is a revival place on the face of the earth the things of this church will be the simple new order in the church.  Synagogue Church of All Nations have sent apostles to Austria and Greece to start new churches, these churches are also using the power of testimony to verify the truth of what they are doing.


LAGOS, NIGERIA -- Editor Jerrell Miller will leave for Lagos, Nigeria tomorrow night to attend the dedication of the new Synagogue Church of All Nations. It was just last year when Princess Sibusile was healed in a Wednesday night service at the church.  The healing was brought to the attention of all of South Africa and the nation of Zambia.  Sibusile is the daughter of the King of the Zulus.  In November King Goodwill Zwelithini came to the church to give honor to the man in the Synagogue Church.  Despite his critics, T.B. Joshua has the proof of his healing house.  The evidence proves  healing after healing.  The princess is just one of thousands who have been healed here.  Several with AIDS, HIV Positive, and cancer are testament of this healer.  Medical record upon medical record has been the proof of this man's ministry.  The glory of God is upon the man of  in the Synagogue Church. Happy 41st birthday Brother Joshua.  We bless you and celebrate your ministry at the Remnant International.  When you dream the dreams of faith you are in the vision, may His Word be revealed throughout all the world. 
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International  

By Jerrell Miller, Editor 
RAMONA, OK -- It was a full day of blessing as John Kilpatrick spoke about the power of the blessing to night at Happy Hill Church in Ramona, Oklahoma.  Kilpatrick said blessing is not prophecy, and it's not prayer but it is you speaking your desire over people, places and things.  Kilpatrick went on to say that blessing was the most important thing he learned before revival.  God dealt with him about his attitude and told him not the curse the things he wanted the most.  It was centered around people playing instruments in the new orchestra pit during the first year of the new church in 1991 at the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola.  One night as he was rebuked by God for a bad attitude he began to speak a word of blessing over the orchestra pit, very soon the pit was filled will all kinds of instruments, so much that they had to turn people away.  He began to apply it to his family, his church family and the rooms of his house.  Kilpatirck said that this change prepared Brownsville for the move of God in 1995, the blessing he said was that the music from this orchestra pit would be heard all over the world. 

Editor Jerrell H. Miller
RAMONA, OK -- It was the second time that John Kilpatrick came to the Happy Hill Church for revival.  As he was introducing his product line he began to talk about one of the videos he had on the glory.  The more he talked the more it became the sermon for tonight.  He didn't get to his prepared text as he spoke about the glory that was in the Brownsville Church on the first day of revival.  Kilpatrick said that terrorism is going to increase on the face of the earth. He also said that he didn't believe that there would be a normal revival next time but a full presence of his glory without any personalities tied to it.  Kilpatick said that more than four and a half million people came to the Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Florida.  Even though the Pensacola revival drew more than 4 1/2 million people, only ten percent of that denomination is Baptised in the Holy Ghos with the evidence of speaking in the prayer language.  The difference in the Azusa move of God at the turn of the centrury and this modern day more is the presence of a supernatural river.  Many people are turning back to look at fundamental Pentecost in a different way.  This is a difference type of revival and even John Kilpatrick said it was different being more centered on the presence of God. 

RAMONA, OK -- For two nights at Happy Hill Church last month the glory of God pushed through and several were healed, delivered and brought to the knowledge of Christ, when John Kilpatrick visited the house..  Once again this month Pastor John Kilpatrick will be in the church  for two nights.  It was powerful last month and it will be powerful this month.  God has a used Happy Hill Church and Pastor Robert Boyle in revival in a great way in recent day.. The glory will be there in an unusual way this time..  The Remnant International (888) 755-9145.

MOBILE, AL -- It very important to be obedient to the call of God in every situation. This month we reach around the world to touch the places where God is moving.  Pastor John A. Kilpatrick returns to Happy Hill next Monday and Tuesday.  Last month the whole church was rocked by the 
presence of God as Kilpatrick ministered under a heavy anointing.  In Jacksonville, North Carolina the Second Marine Division will be blessed by Fire On The Coast hosted by Crossroads Christian Fellowship and Pastor C.L. Varvell.  On June 9 Jerrell Miller will board a plane to visit Lagos, Nigeria and the Synagogue Church of All Nations.  God is moving as the new Sanctuary is being dedicated by Prophet T. B. Joshua.  The miracle story of healing is still touching the nation of Nigeria.  The increase of Prophet Joshua's ministry going through the whole nation of Nigeria.  To be able to read about all of these events call to subscribe 888 755-9145 $25 a year.   

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Editor Jerrell Miller and Kathryn East have been in California this month covering three individual moves of God.  While Editor Jerrell Miller was in Porterville, California, Kathryn West was covering Pastor Bill Johnson's Church in Redding where countless numbers have been healed.  The development of the school of ministry there has had a visitation of a healing.  In Galt, California a move of God has started at the First Assembly of God.  Now in its fifth week Remnant reporter Kathryn East is there to get the story.  On Sunday night at Landmark Christian Center, Editor Jerrell Miller spoke on Judges 21 and then was moved by the Spirit of God to pray over the people.   To order The Remnant please call (888) 755-9145.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- It was early Saturday morning when some of the women entered the sanctuary at Landmark Christian Center, the fragrance of flowers was in the sanctuary.  It was left over from last night as the Women at the Awake Deborah Conference here were in the glory and stayed in his presence until late Friday evening.  
      Pastor Paulette Blaylock says that these Brownsville women are the mothers of revival.  Last night Lila Terhune brought the presence of God but today Brenda Kilpatrick would start right back up where Lila left off.  She spoke about the commitment that women of God have got to have to their husbands and also the pastor.  She spoke about the heart break and disappoint that her and her husband had felt through their four times as pastor.  The leadership of Brenda has been a bright light among the women here.  The glory of God came in and out of this area of California.  Pastor Blaylock said that six months after her church started she took her staff to the Brownsville Revival and her church has never been the same. 
      The last speaker was Dianne Sloan, as usual she challenged her audience with the sermon "Up On A Tree."  She spoke about her growth in the river of God as she traveled to where God was in Toronto and Sunderland, England.  She said she was held back as a child from the latter rain, the Jesus Movement and the Charismatic Renewal but now she was old enough to go after God and in 1995 she decided to go forward to seek and to find God.  Today Dianne is one of the leading spokesmen for women in the River move of God.  The Awake Deborah team of Dianne Sloan, Brenda Kilpatrick and Lila Terhune have traveled the world to touch women with the power of God in River Revival.  

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Last night Lila Terhune spoke about the end time prophecy for Israel and spoke about territorial intercession over certain places.  She spoke about Sheckum and the place called Nablus today.  They are both the same place but the recorded history of this area reveals the sins of Israel.  Terhune spoke about how the West Bank area had been given to the Jewish Nation through scripture and the fulfillment of the vision of Israel is now in the process of happening. 

PORTERVILLE, CA -- This is a women's movement that never ended.  Once again Awake Deborah traveled the country to minister the freedom of women.  Dianne Sloan, Brenda Kilpatrick, and Lila Terhune were all guest of Pastor Paulette Blaylock  at Landmark Christian Center in Porterville, California.  The power of God was in the house last night as Dianne Sloan delivered a message about calling upon God.  As always she was funny using a cell phone and asking God, "Can you hear me now."   There were times last night that the awesome  presence of God came into the meeting.  It was a powerful day yesterday and it seems as if the meetings are going to get deeper. 

BARTLESVILLE, OK -- Dr. Rita Boyle is a missionary who never counts the cost she just goes where God tells her to go.  This month The Remnant International is featuring Rita and her ministry that has touched more than 100 countries around the world.  We will publish on Tuesday, May 11, 2004.  To subscribe please call (888) 755-9145.

MOBILE, AL -- The following are true events that really happened.  Accusations by Charisma Magazine are proving to be false about the Nigerian Prophet T. B. Joshua.  In the last three years, Charisma has libeled the Nigerian prophet on three different occasions --  prejudice is beginning to surface in these stories against this powerful black church leader in Nigeria. Rival church leaders in Lagos, have written for Charisma, and Editor Lee Grady only spent 30 minutes at the church and wrote a hearsay article about the Nigerian Leader.  Editor Jerrell Miller has spent more than 21 days in two years and has witnessed the powerful healing virture in the Nigerian leader.  At the very time Charisma Editor Lee Grady visited the church, Editor Jerrell Miller had just been there and witnessed the amazing healing of a Zulu Princess.  Again Editor Miller returned to the church in Lagos in November when the Zulu King Goodwill came to honor T. B. Joshua.  These are not just imaginary healings happening at the Synagogue Church of All Nations.  When your competition writes the articles in a country three thousand miles in Orlando, Florida you can just about say what you want and get away with it.  Several have returned to the United States healed with doctor verifications after they traveled back from the Synagogue Church of All Nations.  For years there has been a standard at the Charisma Magazine but hearsay has caused many people to cancel their subscriptions to the publication.  Many church leaders in the United States have said that Charisma has become a gossip column rather than a witness for Christ. They have become the fruit inspectors of the faith.  On Charisma's 20th Anniversary Edition, Editor Jerrell Miller submitted a picture of a white man washing a black man's feet at the Convention Center in Mobile, Alabama. The agreement between Editor Jerrell Miller and Charisma was that Miller would receive compensation for the picture.  Charisma never gave The Remnant a credit for the picture that was used, nor to this day have they every paid for the picture.  We are well aware of the integrity of this publication and how they very often get the story wrong.

    There it was right on the corner of Dexter Avenue, the shadow of the Alabama capital building falls on the church in the late afternoon. I had asked my host to take me to Dr. Martin Luther Kingís Church. I didnít know it was right next to that historic building . When I was a small boy I remember one particular Sunday. We heard on the news that a Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama had been bombed and that several children in the Sunday school had been killed or injured. It was terrorism from the Klu Klux Klan that opened a new door of hate in Alabama, but there were those here who knew it was a martyrs death that day which opened up freedom for an entire nation. I saw the Dexter Street Baptist Church. How small it looked that day up against the capital building of Alabama. It was the move of one individual that caused the fall of many in the land. He was shot dead in Memphis and the glory of his death has been talked about until this day. Who could have forgotten the message of nonviolence that he gave the day before he died, he spoke about a vision. He talked about a mountain and as Moses had been to the top of the mountain to receive the law Martin Luther King went to the top of the mountain to fulfill the law for his people.
     I was sitting in the office of Julian McPhillips and I saw this black man going up the steps. I saw what he was wearing and I said boy that right out of the sixties. I found out later that he was a unique individual who had walked with Dr. King during the turbulent times of the Civil Rights struggle in America. He had played baseball for Fisk University in Atlanta and was on his way to the New York Mets Springs Training when he got a call from Dr. King. "Can you come to Alabama and help organize the young people in Selma. Pastor Jim Webb today has fond memories of baseball, he says, "You know I would have been on that Mets team that won the World Series four years later." Pastor Webb would never play any major league baseball because he was called to a higher calling. It was going to be his destiny as a young man to lead a group of young people across a bridge in Selma, Alabama to touch a nation from Montgomery on that steps of that historic capital building.

      Today Jim Webb is called to a new vision for the South, while Alabama was a hot bed of dispute in the early days, Webb is actively involved in the message of love and reconciliation. In fact, Montgomery was recently designated as a place of Reconciliation through Coventry Church in England. Pastor Jim Webb along with Julian McPhillips have played a major role in establishing that foundation in Montgomery.
We are on the edge of something we cannot see but the evidence of his glory is beginning to ad up. I have traveled the world to see a new thing that God is doing. New men are going to come on the scene very soon and they will be given the tools of His witness. God is going to blow the doors off of what he has held back for years but it will be done only when the right harmony of unity touches the church. You see you cannot have full revival if some are excluded. I never could understand why that the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola could never touched the black community that surrounds there church. There it was in all of its glory, every night sinners came to repentance while outside the doors of the church was a black community that had never been touched. To be fair to those at the church they knew it was a problem and yet they did not know how to reach them. They had government food programs and the church did give cloths and several other things but the Spiritual side of these people was never touched by the church. The entire world was coming to Pensacola and yet right outside the doors of that church was an entire black community which had never been touched by the power of God. If these statements are sensitive to some of those at the church, donít take offense. The entire church had a desire to touch the black community with revival but many did not know what to do.
     I got a taste of what the problem might be when I went to Africa last August. I had been to the Synagogue Church of All Nations on one other occasion. I saw an amazing man of God named T. B. Joshua who was in the midst of touching people and several of them were being healed of HIV positive and AIDs. Iíll never forget the early mornings on Sunday when these people would come with their certificates of illness. As I arrived I was reading a book on William Branham, I had gotten to the place where Branham was told by the Holy Spirit not to go into southern part of South Africa but go to Durban, when my host came and got me for Wednesday night service. Well that night the Zulu Princess had come for healing and as I watched T. B. Joshua work with her I didnít know the full affect of what had just happened. She was healed fully that night of a disease that was closing in on her to take her life eventually. I was shocked and moved and I made the statement that T. B. Joshua could have the answer to revival in Africa. As I left Nigeria the next day the Editor of the Charisma Magazine came to the church. He had an audience with Brother Joshua and began to ask him questions about several things that were wrong at the church. Joshua knew he was on a witch hunt, the reporter only spent more than an hour at the church and as he left the church he began to write a different story than mine. My friend what he wrote about T.B. Joshua is what is wrong with the church in America today. Charisma says they are involved in the black community but when a black man begins to be raised up under the anointing of God to stand on his own two feet the prejudice that grips this country shows up in lying pen. I wrote about a healing that I witnessed and was verified by doctors back in South Africa, Charisma went home and wrote hearsay about a man of God who is black. Could this be happening because a black man of God begins to have a move of God and stands up on his own two feet without living on the crumbs of tokenism from the white community. For three years we have watched this man of God in Lagos and he is being dumped on by those who feel as if they are the authority in these matters, we used to call them the fruit inspectors of the faith. Charisma has put their hands on an effective minister and has brought accusations and falsehoods against an individual that are untruths.
Two editors went to Lagos, Nigeria one saw the glory of God and one created something that wasnít there. There were facts behind the healing of the Zulu Princess, those facts are on hospital records in South Africa today for all to examine. There were no facts but one mans accusation who was a disgruntled member of the Synagogue Church who had chosen to find fault in those who were over him in leadership. How can these accusations be printed without valid fact. There were two editors that went to Lagos in August one saw the glory of God and stayed at the church for five days to witness the events there, one came and stayed an hour to ask questions about the lies of another individual who could not be verified. Since when does one manís accusations hold up against the man of God. The story and the accusations did not have but one witness, even in a court of law a person could not be convicted of such things without more evidence but they choose to print this mans words in the magazine. Those who have destroyed others from the past in many cases often use fallen employees to bring down a leader. It is an age old process and it should have never showed up in a Christian Magazine, find someone who disagrees with some one and destroy that individual. Charisma has covered their own sins of accusation by the promotion of another lie.


     My friends the healings are real in Africa, lives are being touched and the full glory has not yet been revealed. The next time you ask yourself why some blacks in America canít touch the fire of revival then look within and see if their is not prejudice in you, your church and in the society that surrounds us. God wants to touch us as much as we want to be touched. He wants to heal and recreate a new society of holy men and women of God. No longer will good men sit on the side and let another destroy the reputation or the destiny of another man of God. Charisma needs to take another trip to Nigeria and apologize to T. B. Joshua for slandering him. It would be better to do that now then to answer to God later for the lies.


RAMONA, OK -- Happy Hill has reached and all time high, the last two days of the month youíll find a fire of great intensity in Ramona, Oklahoma at the Happy Hill Church. Evangelist John Davis has reached a new level of the Spirit as the faithful are gathering at the end of each month in prairie church call Happy Hill.

They are coming from all over Oklahoma and several states. The move of God at Happy Hill Church is growing. Pastor Robert A. Boyle has learned how to incorporate revival into the pastorate, "Revival is important, without revival the church will not grow." The most powerful expression of revival is that it carries over into the regular services. While revival nights are on the last Monday and Tuesday of each month, the glory is reaching into the main body of the church during regular services. Worship Leader Bear Boyle says, "Our regular Sunday morning services are reaching a new level right now, it seems as if what ever is happening at the end of each month is beginning to show up in the greater proportions in the church."

Pastor Boyle spoke of the key to these revival events at his church, "These events of revival are just not happening because they desire it to happen, but a powerful intercessory prayer group lead by Charles Porter and his wife Linda have been in place for the last six years. "These meetings are prayed over and happen with the revival intensity of the river because these people constantly seek God before we ever open the door of the church.

There is a third element that you will never see at the church and that is the missionary purpose of Rita Boyle. Rita is a gift to the church, she is an apostle. When we were at the church, Charles Porter was getting ready to travel to Russia to teach in the service of several Russian churches which were indirectly started by the missionary events which  happen in the early nineties through the Happy Church. Rita Boyle has been faithful to what was started in Russia. Dr. Boyle was one of the first evangelist into Russia during the early days of their new freedom.  More than 160 church exist today because of her desire to go to Russia in these early days. Next month at revival the native Americans of Alaska are going to come. The Eskimo people on the north slope of Alaska were also reached by Rita Boyle. She was lead to go there and preach in Alaska by the direction of the Holy Spirit, when one Pentecostal denomination in Alaska told her that she could not preach as a women in their churches, The Friends Society asked her to come and hold revival. What happened was an awesome outpouring of the Spirit of God, people were saved, delivered and filled with the Holy Ghost. Today the move of the Holy Spirit is growing in the Friends Churches and the new expression of the power of God has been released among the native Americans of Alaska. Through the vision of one person the power of God has been released in almost 100 countries and all of this came from a church on the Oklahoma Prairie called Happy Hill.

This is a very strange move of God from a place you would think could never attract anyone to the country side. You pass horses cattle and prairie land off of U.S. Highway 75 to get to the church but the move of God is active and this one church has touched the world with revival. This church is truly one of the mysteries of the faith. Itís a family affair. A pastor with vision, and awesome worship leader and a missionary that doesnít know how to stop. This is the product of revival the vision is revealed. This is a place where the vision has increased. The Boyle Family will be written about in the history of Pentecost as a group of people who had a vision and the power of God lead evangelists, writers and hungry preachers to their door at Happy Hill to be refreshed and the great thing about this move of God in Oklahoma is that it has not end to it. Next month the vision will in crease as the Native America from Alaska come to visit a church on a Hill called Happy.


CONROE, TEXAS -- The Remnant has found itself in East Texas once again covering revival at Living Word Church.  God is moving through Evangelist Jody Rogers.  Rogers moves through the congregation at the end of his sermon and several people are touched.  Blind eyes are opened, young people are saved.  One young 14 year old came forward for the evangelist to pray for him.  He directly spoke to him about repentance and a change in his life.  Most of what Rogers does is move through the prophetic realm.  Last Sunday night a person came who did not have the ability to see.  Rogers moved down the aisle and quickly called the person forward and after a brief prayer her sight was restored.  "I have had skeptics come to our service to prove us wrong. In one particular instance a man came and was going to prove me wrong.  I was led directly to that person and revealed that he had a heart condition, he was prayed for and healed and that was that."   


Evangelist Jody Rogers represents a new generation of the healing evangelist, but in his case he uses the gift of prophecy to call people forward for their healing.  He is very much like the healing evangelist, William Branham as he calls people forward for healing.  Over and over again they come to Conroe to be touched in a unique visitation by God.  God is moving through this 31-year-old evangelist.  "I was called one time to pray for a man in New Mexico, he was quite wealthy and the people offered me a large sum of money, I told them I would come but not for the money.  As I entered the gated house, I walked up three floors to pray for a man who had two large tumors in his stomach area.  I prayed for the first and it went down and then the second tumor went down also.  These were precious Roman Catholic people who had chosen their last option, but it happened and God was with me.  I don't work for money and as I left they had a check made out to me and I refused to take it." We are seeing the birth of a ministry that will be well known one day.  The one thing about Jody Rogers that people need to know is that he is humble and allows God to move through him.  What a blessing to be able to see him work, there is truly an anointing on this man.  I believe he is one of the best evangelist on the field today.  The Conroe Outpouring is going into its 21st month and the healing continue, crutches and walkers are at the front of the sanctuary.  Jody has called next week for everyone in a wheelchair and on crutches to come and be healed.  Believe me his healing gift is real and it is just the beginning of his ministry. 

PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA -- Editor Jerrell Miller went about 300 miles to the boarder town of Phenix City, Alabama to preach revival, while he was there he visited Pastor James Garner of the Riverview Assembly of God.  As a child  John A. Kilpatrick the former pastor of the Brownsville Revival grew up here in Columbus.  It was at this church that 17 men saw two large angels manifest themselves at the back of the church during a prayer meeting.  This church is destined to be marked as one of the most historical churches of revival.  Located along  the Chattahoochee River.  Columbus, Georgia, is its sister city Phenix City, 50 years ago  Albert Patterson, the Attorney General of Alabama was shot to death as he got in his car.  The notorious 16th Street Syndicate had him executed, this caused the U.S. Government to declare Marshall Law in the city.   Pastor Garner said that R.W. Wetzell who pastored the chruch from 1952 to 1972 had three great abilities, he could pray, teach young preachers and he knew where the find the best hamburger places in Columbus, Georgia.  Pastor Garner said he was in the prayer meeting where the angels came but had just left the church before they appeared. 

MOBILE, AL -  We are now in the final stages of the March Remnant Still covering revival but more and more you will see us covering the Issues of Abortion, Gay Rights and this 2004 Presidential Election.  To order The Remnant please call 888 755-9145, $25 a year. 


CHARLOTTE, NC -- People come to All Nations Church for the refreshing and it was there last night.  He has never failed to move into the glory at the church.  Mahesh Chavda has moved into his destiny and last night the new television program was announced that will go into several domestic and foreign markets.  God is using the loving man named Mahesh.  Just sitting in his meetings is a refreshing for all to who is there, you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so deep that it makes you forget about everything.  My wife and I try to make this trip each time because it is a place we can come to, to get the refreshing. Jerrell Miller will speak at Pastor Bob Smiths church in Gastonia, North Carolina.
Editor Jerrell Miller/Remnant Editor and Publisher


By Jerrell Miller/Remnant Editor
CHARLOTTE, NC -- Bonnie Chavda opened the "Daughters of the Lion Conference," on Thursday afternoon.  The evening service the night before and the morning service had to fight the weather and were canceled because of eight inches of snow in the Charlotte area.  It was the greatest snow fall in that the queen city had experienced  in a 100 years.
       Bonnie gave a word that centered around the battle that has been called forth for righteousness. As she read her scripture text she used Judges five where a women was called forth  to encourage a great warrior of Israel to go into battle.  Many of the now elements of the battle were in the sermon, the battle for home was centered in what she had to say.  She went on to say the battle lines had been drawn and that what is being done now will be measured with the test of time.  God power flowed as Suzanne Hinn helped her pray for the people at the end of the service.   
        This has been a real experience  in Charlotte this time, the beauty of the snow could only be measured by the difficulty of driving in in the area.  Today a bright sun and a blue sky has graced the city.  There will be two more days of the conference with three meetings today. To order The Remnant call 1 888 755-9145. 

Daughters of the Lion Conference, pray for the success of this conference.........
CHARLOTTE, NC -- It seems if it has snowed everywhere we have been for the last three trips.   Tonight the Daughters of the Lion Conference starts at All Nations Church in Charlotte, NC.  Last night it began to snow and as I looked out the window right now large snow flakes are building an accumulation.  While it is beautiful to look at, it is almost impossible to navigate by car.  The Charlotte International Airport has been closed here, and the schools have been dismissed..  The snow will last until 12 midnight with a break in the weather for tomorrow.  Pray for the All Nations Church, these plan these ministry events are planned months ahead of time, pray that God will bless in this meeting in abundance.
       The Remnants last three stops have been marked by snow.  In Ramona, Oklahoma revival was touched by snow last month, and this weekend, Jerrell Miller was in Virginia where the snow was falling and there was a great accumulation of it in the areas he ministered.  The weather is changing around us, and I believe we are returning to the natural order of things.  Pray for the Passion, and our President as he has taken a holy stand on marriage.
Special thanks to the Women's Aglow in Leesburg & Purcerville and also to Pastor Joseph Adams


Jerrell Miller wants to thank all those who helped him in the ministry outreach in Purcerville and Leesburg, Virginia.  Sister Barbara and Sister Ruth were an awesome blessing as they worked tirelessly through the weekend to make sure things ran sooth. "How much do I have to thank these ladies at the Leesburg Aglow, the greatest secret weapon in the church are the ladies, how powerful they are when they stand together in ministry.  Many were blessed this weekend far beyond what I have ever seen before.  Special thanks to Pastor Joseph Adams and his beautiful river church."

In one days battle at Antietam more than 23,000 men died during the early struggle of the Civil War in Western Maryland.....  

ANTIETAM, MD -- When you do The Remnant you go into several areas of the country, while I was preaching for the Women's Aglow in Leesburg, Virginia -- Jerrell Miller toured the nearby Antietam Battlefield in Maryland.  On September 17th, 1862 more than 23,000 men died in this one battle.  On the Burnside Bridge, men from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and Michigan lost their lives as they tried to cross the bridge under withering crossfire from the Southern marksmen in cliffs above. 


The picture to the side is called the Bloody Lane.  In this rutted lane on the battlefield, Confederate soldiers,  hidden by the landscape, silently waited for the Irish Brigade to crest the hill.  Driven back by the relentless fire, 60% of the brigade was left on the field that day.

As the day ended, the Union Army had lost more men than the Confederates, but it was a grand missed opportunity to capture General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and shorten this horrible war.  A newly discovered photograph revealed that President Lincoln had secretly visited General McClellan at Antietam to urge the General to ardently pursue Lee into Virginia.   In frustration later Lincoln removed George McClellan as the Commanding General of the Army of the Potomac.  Very soon after his visit to Antietam, Lincoln wrote the Emancitation Proclaimation.

American Revival After The War  

In the aftermath of  the American Civil War, the greatest revival ever seen swept across the country. And I believe that we are still experiencing the effects of that revival.  And the trials and tribulations of the South produced  many of the great preachers that we are hearing today. 

Political Commentary Too Strong On Bush 

MOBILE, AL -- The Democratic Party is in the process of trying to destroy the credibility of President George W. Bush and his administration.  The president has been labeled as going AWOL while he served in the Air Force Reserve in our State of Alabama, along with other accusations saying that the president lied to the American people.  The underbelly of the Democratic Party is the freedom of taking life (abortion) , and destroying the institution of marriage as we know it today.  

Bishops Review Catholic (D) In Support of Abortion Views

by Rev. Jerrell Miller
Editor & Publisher The Remnant

Well it finally happened, someone in the Catholic Church stood up to the wishes of the Democratic Party, for years the Bishop of Arch-Diocese of Boston looked the other way when Senator Edward Kennedy backed the platform on a womenís right to choose in abortion matters & gay rights. The platform supports gay rights and also the policy of abortion. Today is a new day, the leadership of the Catholic Church has changed. The new voice has spoken up from Wisconsin and he is a Catholic Bishop. The voice was heard in Rome also.  Archbishop Raymond Burke has taken on the democratic party in Wisconsin. After his conservative stand was heard in Rome he was promoted to the post of Archbishop of St. Louis, one of the most prestigious diocese in the United States of America. This will be a chair that will speak loudly to the others in leadership in the church.

Catholic Senators KERRY  & KENNEDY

I was raised in the church and early in my life I felt a call to God, but something was wrong that pushed me out of the Roman Catholic Church toward the Word of God and the belief that men of God have a right to be married and serve God at the same time. Let me say this, if a priest or a nun chooses that life and can live in holiness I support them and not only do I support them, the same God will back them in what they want do. 

Archbishop Raymond Burkeright now while our president is being hacked on by John Kerry and the Democratic Party, something is happening in Massachusetts that could change the whole framework of what we know as Abortion. St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, has spoken out against Senator John Kerry. This bishop has chosen to go against those Catholics who are in the Democratic Party that support the policy of a womenís right to choose abortion.


The politics of the nation is about to be challenged by Roman Catholic Church. For years the church could have spoken but now in a time of crisis in several issues they have chosen to flex their muscles.

In a personal letter to a Catholic politician in Wisconsin that was sent by Burke on August 29, 2003 -- Bishop Burke wrote Catholic state Sen.. Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) who has a pro-abortion voting record. "You have failed to restrict the evil of abortion when the opportunity presented itself . . . I call upon you to consider the consequences for your own spiritual well-being, as well as the scandal you risk by leading others into serious sin," the letter said. Bishop Burke reminded Lassa "As a faithful member of the Catholic Church, you have an obligation to fulfill the duties of your office with regard not only to the laws of the state, but also with regard to the moral law."
The spiritual leader of Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, Archbishop Sean OíMalley of Boston, has individually told Catholic elected officials who are pro-abortion rights that they should not be receiving communion and should refrain "on their own volition."


OíMalley went public with his directions last July after Massachusetts state representative Shirley Gome told the Boston Globe that the archbishop had agreed that her position on abortion was her private "act of conscience." OíMalley issued a statement saying that a Catholic official who holds a pro-abortion rights position should not receive communion. He did not ban priests from giving it to Gome or others. When asked, Senator John Kerryís office declined to comment on the communion issue last week.

This radical shift could return many Catholic laymen back to their faith, after the darkness of the pedophile priests has taken the shine off of the church



OCEAN SPRINGS, MS -- It was 12 years ago that WOSM turned into the Gospel Giant as they boosted their signal from 3000 watts to 50,000.  Just at the time of that change an Evangelist Jerrell Miller of the Oak Park Church of God went to the station to ask for time to preach.  Charles Cooper gave Prophetic-Evangelist Jerrell Miller the best time on the clock in radio.  "I have a spot at 5:12 PM  (drive time) everyday after the news that I can put your program on."  For the last 12 years The Remnant International (formerly  Contemporary Witness) has been at that time period ever since .  This is the first place that the miracle testimony of John Kilpatrick was played when the young boy from Columbus, Georgia saw Angels with 16 other men at the Riverview Assembly of God.  This station has one of the most powerful ranges of any radio station on the Gulf Coast.  You can hear this station from Past Christian, Mississippi to Pensacola, Florida.  They have been the same owners of the station since 1972 -- the same year Evangelist Jerrell Miller accepted Christ during his senior year at the University of Alabama.  Congratulations Coopers, your the best!


HARDEEVILLE, SC -- Many people are called to ministry but there are just a few people who have touched the heart of God. Pastor Charles Bowman of Abundant Life AOG in Hardeeville, South Carolina.  He was one of these types of people.  He lived 66 years, one for every book in the Bible, he died at 7:14 on a Monday morning this January.  For five years revival started in Hardeeville at 7:14 every Monday night, he chose that time because it was in respect of the revival scripture II Chronicles 7:14 If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  These were the word Charlie lived by and these were the words that he died with.  It was in his heart to see revival touch this nation, we have lost a great man of God who was sent to us for such a time as this. Editor Jerrell Miller


OKLAHOMA -- The first time I came to Oklahoma it was as a graduate student at Oral Roberts Graduate School of Theology. ORU at the time was building the City of Faith. Over the hill at Broken Arrow, Kenneth Hagin, Sr. had a metal framed building housing the major part of the faith movement at Rhema Bible Institute, that was in 1979, but the time when Rodney Howard-Browne came to Tulsa to hold meetings in 1994 will long be remembered as a fire that came from the heart of the faith movement to spark renewal all over the world.

There was ten meetings that were held at the new worship center at Rhema Bible Institute in August of 1993. These meetings would change the destination of revival and open up new doors all around the would. If you could go back and trace the history of this move of God you would find the greatest turning point at the meetings that were held in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It was revival and renewal, the difference between the two was that the renewal rebuilt ministers and Christians to build a platform for revival, and if you were lost and walked into one of these meetings you would sure change your mind about God. It was God time to love on His people and he brought it through a South African minister named, Rodney Howard-Browne.

"Rodney Howard-Browne came to Rhema and they had just completed their 5,500 seat worship center, I had no idea who he was. Iím old line Pentecost and I was extremely interested in revival, they said when he talked people started laughing, I thought that was strange but I went down and I had never seen anything like it. The place was packed with people, good normal decent people laying on the floor under the power of God laughing. He was there10 nights, one night when I was there, Richard Roberts came. He had never been in the new building, he got up on the platform to sing and the Holy Ghost fell on him. He couldnít get a word out but he fell under the power of God and started laughing and laughing and laughing until he rolled off the platform on to the floor. You say what good is that, here is a man who was the President of Oral Roberts University and this had a tremendous affect on his life. It touched my life and I being old line Pentecost needed a touch, I needed to see Pentecostal people happy again. I went six out of the 10 nights and it had a tremendous affect on my life," said Pastor Robert Boyle of Happy Hill Church in Ramona, Oklahoma.

You donít think of Tulsa as a revival city, most of us think of it as the home of the faith movement. Pastor Boyle remembered the fire that was started a Rhema . It would have an impact on him and it would be the beginning of something that would spread the river move of God throughout the world. Randy Clark was also at the meeting, he was a poor Vineyard pastor from the city of St. Louis. He had a friend who called him about a man named Rodney Howard-Browne. Clark at the time was dying in the ministry and asked his friend, "Whereís will he be next?" His friend said he would be at Rhema. Clark described the meetings, "I had reservations about going to the home of, "Name it and claim it," but God spoke directly to my heart and told him to humble himself. I found obedience to be better than sacrifice. I saw the multitudes just lined up to receive from the large man of God. He was going down row after row with his hand extended. He was saying, "Fill, fill, fill," -- pastors, laymen and evangelists were all falling to the floor under the glory and presence of God. I went back and got in line and fell under the power several times. When I returned back home to St. Louis we had our normal Sunday service and something happened in our church. At the end of the service people came forward and began to be touched by the power of God as they fell on the floor under the glory of God. After our church was touched the news got out that we were having renewal. My friend in Toronto John Arnott called me to come and hold meetings in the dead of winter."

Mary Aubrey Raycorft was one of the ministers of the church at Toronto Airport Vineyard Church (now Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship). She described the first night when Clark visited on January 24,1994, "God has away of shaking you. He will often offend your mind to see whatís in your heart. When Randy and his youth pastor came to our church he only had two sermons. It was a mid week service and only 120 people had gathered for it. I had been teaching and was drawn to the front doors of the sanctuary that night. When I opened the door to go into the main sanctuary the power of God blew me backward. What on earth is going on? All I could see is John and Carol Arnott standing against the wall. They were the only one standing on that night, all the other people were under the power of God on the floor." This was the beginning of the Toronto outpouring that is still going after ten years. In the heat of that revival several people from England began to come. It was said that the flow of people was so much that British Airways had to put on extra flights to Toronto to accommodate the bookings.

It was on one of these British Airways flights that brought a rector from Holy Trinity Bromton named Sandy Miller. Miller was touched by the power of God and brought home the impartation to London where revival burst forth. It was such a powerful move of God that Time Magazine wrote about it in one of their editions. On the way back from Russia, an Assembly of God Evangelist, Steve Hill, found out about the revival in the magazine and decided to take a detour to London. Needless to say as Hill walked into the church he was touched in a profound way. On June 18, 1995 on Fatherís Day in Pensacola, Evangelist Steve Hill was touched the people who were there that day. Pastor John Kilpatrick had called for prayer for the last two years on Sunday night. They were praying for revival and a touched from on high. The power of God began to be poured out. One of those who was deeply touched was Evangelist John Davis, who came as a personal friend of Kilpatrick. He had come for an offering for his school of evangelism in Missouri but what happened was a complete overhaul of a tired man of God.. After his radical touch he began to hold meetings in the boot heal of Missouri. After several salvations and healings, Davis moved to Miami, Oklahomaís First Assembly of God. There history was once again rewritten by a man who would capture the state. It just wasnít people being saved but it was pastor after pastor who were on the edge of resignation coming to be renewed. He became more than and evangelist, he became the Ambassador of the Brownsville Revival. After six months of meetings in Miami, and several thousand of salvations, a tired evangelist retreated to be restored in Ft. Worth, Texas. Pastor Bob Nichols would help John to recover for the next wave of God. Nichols church had been touched by Rodney also in the early 90ís.

He was like a child in an candy store, Davis couldnít get enough. Every meeting a the gift showed up, to Davis the impartation was a dream come through after years of empty ministry.  would be the first to tell you that it is a gift. Davis learned that the meetings where God moved the greatest were the ones where their was a deep move of intercessory prayer. He has allowed God to use him in revival after revival. Now he is engaged in two areas, in southern part of Missouri, his Brother Mickey has engaged him and once again pastors are being touched. Oklahoma has always been special to Davis, it was said by one revivalist, if John Davis pitched a tent in the middle of Oklahoma, 2,000 Okies would come through the weeds just to sit under the presence of God in his meetings.

Yes Robert Boyle, your eyes has seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. On the last Monday and Tuesday of each month, John Davis watches the cars come through the corn fields in Oklahoma to an old country church called Happy Hill. People are touched who desire the glory of God in their lives. John also preached the first Friday of every month at Praise Assembly of God in Comanche, Oklahoma, Warren Harkins, Pastor.  When you follow the trail of revival the river has flowed around the world and has come back to plains of Oklahoma to bless and to restore broken ministers and people who are seeking Godís face.



During her time on the floor God did a creative surgery from the inside, recreating an entire new stomach.

LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- One ministry that keeps astounding people is that of Billy Burke. Healed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting, Billy was called to healing ministry at an early age. Angie Cheak is one of the most outstanding healings that has ever happened in his ministry and it happened at Carpenters Home Church this year in Lakeland, Florida.

For years Angie Cheak, 40, was the floral decorator at White House in Washington, D.C. When the Clintons were elected to the White House she was fired. After she left she decided to have gastrohepatic surgery. After gaining several pounds of weight over the years she decided to have surgery. What she thought would be a weight reducing program turned into a nightmare. The surgery was faulty and gastro digestive fluids began to leak and go into the other organs damaging them. The surgeon reentered the stomach after a second surgery that had failed and completely removed her stomach attaching her intestines to her esophagus. From that time on she suffered extreme pain the only food she could eat was dill pickels and ice tea, any other food would cause grave sickness. It was almost to the point that she was going to have to fed intravenously by a tube.

Angie, came to the meeting at Carpenterís Home Church in Lakeland for her friend, Mary Ann, to receive healing for her back, she didnít even come for herself and wasnít intending to go forward. It was in the meeting that Burke called out people with sleep disorders, thatís when she forward. She now says she hadnít slept well for two years because she was so afraid of dying, her sheer will was to just keep going. As Billy layed hands on her she collapsed to the floors. One person said it wasnít normal how she fell, she just went straight down like a crumpled bag. She layed there for several minutes until the evangelist returned, asking the attendants to stand her up again, the same thing happened as she fell out like a shot. This time she stayed on the floor for a longer time this time.

Most restaurants were closed as the service went late into the night, but she was so hungry that she drove through McDonaldís and ordered a big hamburger, french fries and a diet coke, and ate them all! She had only been able to keep dill pickles and ice tea down for over a year. The first year she had a feeding tube. I donít think she has skipped a meal since that night! She began a normal period of eating, anything that she wanted but the real test came when she was examined by a doctor. At the end of the physical examination she asked about her physical and the doctor said everything looked like it was in good shape. The lady then asked about her stomach, the doctor said it was in good working order. Thatís when the women understood what was going on while she was on the floor at the meeting. During her time on the floor God did a creative surgery from the inside recreating an entire new stomach. She also was miraculously healed of kidney problems, liver disease and various other problems that had been caused by the gastric juices damaging the other organs of the body. She truly is a miracle!!!

Last year in all of Burkes meetings there were several healed of all manner of diseases and cancers but this healing by far was the most outstanding of them all. The creative power of God put this women back together all at once. What the surgeons hands had corrupted and destroyed was put back in place by God and the Holy Ghost.

Billy Burke was sponsored by The Remnant in the first year of publication as he came to the Mobile-Baldwin County area to minister. He is unique in his ministry and the results have happened over the years of cancers, and several other diseases being healed by the power of God. Mary Ann her friend also received a complete miracle in her crooked back as it was perfectly aligned from the neck area to the lower regions.

 With just three weeks to live, Billy Burke, at nine years old was taken to a Kathryn Kuhlman healing service in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Kuhlman called Billy out of the crowd and asked him his name and then she asked him,"do you believe?" She then touched him and in a moment, all the cancer was gone!"The power that went through me was absolutely incredible! It consumed every cell in my body. I was pinned to the floor and could not move. The greatest sensation ever...... 


TORONTO, CANADA -- Iím sitting in Chicago waiting for my flight back to Tucson. My soul has been overwhelmed. It is overloaded and has blown a fuse. What can I possibly say? What does one say after truly experiencing the Fatherís love?
It seems silly after all these years in renewal to say such things. But this is what Toronto is still doing after ten years! For me, it was like going back in time. Back to 1995 and 1996 when renewal was so fresh and so full of fire. While renewal has died down in many parts, thank God it is still going strong in Toronto. So many people come from all over the world to Toronto. It is truly amazing. And while many have come many times (this was the 68th visit of one lady from Japan), many others have only recently experienced renewal. This keeps things so fresh because it is so new for so many. And the passion of those new to renewal is contagious!
     I hate to think where these people would be if Toronto had died down or simply gone on to other things. But it is far from dying down, and I head testimony after testimony of renewal going into places previously unheard of. Renewal, quiet simply, is seeping throughout the very fabricof the church. This is a worldwide God thing that is spreading to every tribe, language, people and nation. You would think that after ten years, renewal would have already spread everywhere it could and would be long past its prime. Now I can clearly see how silly such thinking is.
      Sure, it spread like wild fire, quickly burning bright and then going dim in so many places. But this isnít just a temporary fad spurred on by a fascination with manifestations. This isnít just about one big renewal party (though many do love to drink His wine to glorious excess). This isnít even just about experiencing the Fatherís love, though that is a huge thing. This is also about being deeply healed inside your heart and soul.
Many of as are familiar with teachings that have come out of Toronto. John and Carolís teaching on forgiveness is a prime example. But I think we may have missed some of the fruit of those teachings. At least I did. Perhaps I had a different perspective having never been there before, but I saw something Iíve never heard anyone mention before. Maybe itís the frigid climes up here, but I saw a delightful level of love between the spouses on staff up there. It just struck me that all this inner healing and soaking in the love of father had really changed them. And that was wonderful to see!
       And the renewal keeps spreading. I saw a young Baptist pastor just absolutely blasted by the Holy Spirit and going for all he could get. I saw a Methodist pastor with her worship leader and her daughter (who is on her way to Mozambique), who are clearly caught up in a God thing and bringing renewal to her church. As a former Methodist myself, it was such a joy to see their shinning faces. I met a fisherman from Northern Canada that was so on fire for God. I met a French speaking Congolese pastor that just happens to live on the same street as the church. He is planning to go to Paris in March and pray down Godís glory on over a thousand Congolese there that have never experienced the renewal, donít understand it, and tend to be against it.
       How is it that after all these years Godís fire is still pouring out and still pouring into new places? And now Toronto is going in a new way to the third world nations. Toronto places great emphasis on their month long leadership training schools, and now they will be taking this deep healing right to the third world nations so the pastors there can be truly set free and get the Fatherís love deep into their hearts.
The first school is set for March in the country of Nigeria, but how that came about is truly an amazing story of the Fatherís love itself. It was this story that destroyed me, left me undone and deeply crying out to my daddy! If this was the only thing I heard at Toronto, it would have well been worth it. Funny thing is, it wasnít even originally planned on the schedule of the conference.
           But Brenda Kilpatrick had to leave unexpectedly and so Duncan Smith filled in for her workshop. Duncan is both youth pastor and executive director at Toronto overseeing many things. He grew up in Nigeria as the son of a missionary, and his utterly transparent story of the "road to Aba" about taking his wife to Nigeria to minister there tore my heart apart with the love my daddy showed to him.
          There is no way I can do his story justice in such a short space and while he will one day write a book about it, that isnít likely to be soon, so I highly recommend you get the tape of that workshop. And if you are a pastor, I strongly suggest that you order the video of Randy Clarkís Saturday afternoon session. Itís a talk that he only gives to pastors and he really went into his personal testimony to show things that had the several thousand pastors and leaders there in utter silence. I highly recommend getting that video.
      God did so much while I was there that it was truly amazing. All day long I had one God thing after another happen to me. If you go to Toronto, take every chance you have to talk and pray with people there. There is such an openness and such an ease to make new friends. Iíve never seen any place so easy to make friends and for God to do things. And if you go, make sure to volunteer for clean up duty in the mornings! I volunteered because I wanted to get a good seat the first time, but after that I would gladly volunteer over and over again even if I missed getting a good seat. Itís so much fun to serve God but it was a total blast to get prayed for at the end of cleaning. What a way to start a beautiful day! I was filled and redy for all that God had for me that day. Highly recommended!

      Oh the joy that filled my heart there in Toronto! I couldnít help but smile so much of the time, and I loved seeing the smiles spreading across the faces of so many people. Such joy! Such wonder at what our Beloved God was doing! Such happiness to be in His presence! There is something so wonderful in the joy that God fills His people with. I just love to be around it. I just love to encourage it. I love that our God is so thrilling!
And I had such a wonderful time catching for the ministry team. The first night I volunteered to catch, I was introducing myself to the ministry team member I would catch for when the lady turned and asked me if I was "the" Dean Cooper. Ha! It was new-wineís own Ann Bowman all the way from Los Angeles!
How much fun it was to meet like that and get to know somebody that has been on this email list for so long! Thanks Ann for your prayers!
The next night I volunteered to catch again and was so personally blessed through it that I just knew my Daddy God was watching out for me. He found just the person I needed. And what was neat was that the gentleman loved me catching for him too!
       Now, our church happens to be having Georgian Banov coming this weekend and Georgian was there in Toronto too. So, soon he was blasting us wanting to make sure we would be quite ready for his visit here (if you know what I mean. We were laid waste in our chairs and soon a fellow from a really extreme church in Las Vegas draped a yellow "caution" tape all over us! Wow! It is so much FUN to get
blasted like that! God just overwhelms you and you sense Him so strongly!

But as much as I love being blasted, I was undone by my Daddyís love. After the workshop on "the road to Aba", I couldnít help but blubber and cry and feel the love of my Dad for me! Things changed from being a blast to feeling overwhelmingly loved. Oh, and that goes so deep!
I am so thankful that Toronto has kept going these ten years. I am so thankful that God still meets you there and still imparts to you. I am so thankful that their fruit is still seeping around the world healing people and bringing His love to them. God is so very good.

And I never forget running into Daddy on the road to "Aba". Come! Discover His love for you too! God bless! Dean Cooper, Tucson, AZ



RAMONA, OK -- On Monday Evangelist John Davis and the Happy Hill revival was snowed out by four inches of snow.  It is very rare that the revival is ever canceled by the element but would be believe there was a remnant of people there on Monday night. On Tuesday John Davis came forth and was brilliant in the pulpit.  Worship led by Bear Boyle was felt as a deep level of glory touched the crowd.  It was slow and penetrating  as the fog of the Holy Ghost covered the people. Davis preached on 20/20 vision in the Lord and spoke of the great move of God that is going on in Missouri right now.  The prayer time was awesome at the power of God moved on the people.  Davis called the prayer team forward first to prepare them for the entire year. The Revival at Happy Hill has been underway for the last five years located between Tula and  Bartlesville in Ramona, Oklahoma. Editor Jerrell Miller returns home on Wednesday.  


CONROE, TEXAS -- Last month I was painting and decorating my office and a little voice came to me and said, Texas. I asked the Lord what does this mean. The Lord then said, "Your going to Texas." I really didnít make plans to go to Texas and I continued painting my office. Two days later as I was preparing to watch football on television, Big John Hall called me. "Jerrell, have you heard about Conroe, Texas and what is going on there? I have just been there and the glory of God is falling in a church called Living Word Assembly of God. I told the pastor about The Remnant and told him he needed to come to the church and see what is going on." Well I didnít move in a hurry and took my time until it was the right time to go. When the moment came to go to Texas I made plans to go in the last week of January. Immediately everything begins to fall apart all around me. My wife got sick and then several situations came up that made me feel guilty about leaving Mobile. I hadnít traveled for a long time and then all of a sudden I made the decision to go and the bottom falls out at home. When your on the road your late at night in the hotel room the devil tries to come to you and tell you how your a bad husband and father and you need to be home. Iím aware of the tactics of the devil and I am aware of how he makes me feel when I am about to be blessed.

As I arrived in Conroe, Texas I met the Pastor Harold Morton of Living Word. That night as he took me to dinner I began to listen to the story of how revival had touched the church for the last 18 months. Living Word has become a facilitator of the revival in this area of Texas . There were many people at the restaurant who were the ministers of the church including the young evangelist. Heís a 31 year old father of two from Dallas, Texas. I would find out the next day that Evangelist Jodie Rogers is an extremely gifted evangelist.

As I came to Conroe, Texas I passed through Pasadena, Texas. The whole world was focused on this area of Texas on this weekend. The pictures of Mars were coming back from the second rover.  I noticed that Houston was going to host the Super Bowl, I saw the outline of Houston, Texas and also saw the great stadium that would hold the interest of the entire country the following week. Wow, what is going on here, this area is being blessed, Houston will host the Major League All-Star game this summer. Two of the best pictures of the New York Yankees joined the Houston Astros this year. Most of these events have been happening over the last 18 months.

Also over the last 18 months the nation and the world have watched tremendous tragedies happening in Texas. It was the Shuttle Columbia that entered the glide path to land from the western side of Texas and came apart on the other side of Texas. As it entered one side of Texas it began to break up and before it reached the eastern side of Texas it was completely destroyed,. The first Israeli Astronaut was on board of that crew of seven. As the shuttle began to fall apart most of the refuge landed in the city of Palestine, Texas. I knew that this was not ordinary. Very often the seeds of death cause great Spiritual breakthrough in areas of calling. Texas is an area of His calling, the seeds of revival are beginning to grow. Now I donít know anything unless God speaks it to me, God is speaking to me right now. Texas is the home of our President, during his first three years as President, the country has began to be moved into these areas of righteous. We have seen President Bush in the midst of the battle, as he prays each morning he comes out to meet his critics. He has learned about the Jewish nation and he has also learned the heart break of terrorism. As Secretary of State Colon Powell flew over the Holy City a bus was blown up by terrorist one day just as his helicopter passed over. He was there to negotiate peace and he saw the real face of those on the other side of the table. He could see the destruction of what happened, it seemed as if from that moment on the whole scene of negotiations changed, the Bush administration began to back off trying to force Israel to the peace table with these terrorist.

The greatest scandal in the history of big business happened at the Enron Cooperation in Houston. For the last 18 months an Assembly of God Church in Conroe, Texas has touched the face of God. Big John Hall has a blood hounds nose for revival. He loves to sing, but let me tell you there is a lot more to John Hall than singing. This man is hungry for revival, he has never been the same since he was touched in the Rodney Howard-Browne meeting at the Carpenterís Home Church in Florida. Since that day his hunger has increased, and yes you guessed it, heís from Texas. Big John Hall has crossed the river many times in several camps where it flows. You can see Big John in the Gather sing alongs, but you can also see him in several streams of the river. He is a true ambassador of revival. Big John has more just as much fun sitting in the pew watching others as he does singing in front of the masses and heís been doing it a long time. When Big John speaks you better listen because he is much like me as he travels the nation and the world to drink from the different stream of the river.

My friends, Conroe, Texas is a place that is going to grow. You canít find out what is going on unless you go. Please pray for us, we really believe that our revival newspaper has the hand of God on it.



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