In Australia or old friend David Cartledge is in a brand new venture.  In July David will become a regular writer with The Remnant Newspaper.  If anyone has a formula for the apostolic, it is David Cartledge.  He is looked on as one of the father's of the Apostolic.  For the last 20 years in Australia, David has helped mold the Assemblies of God there into the Apostolic, take a look at his web site. http://www.cartledge.cc/ 


LONDON, ENGLAND -- Donna Aplin has been traveling to Israel and England.  She was at The Bridging the Nations Conference and filled a report on Cindy Jacobs.  Donna's ministry is in intercession and fasting.  You can Donna and Jerry Aplin's books at www.fastings.org/


PENSACOLA, FL -- Wow, was it good Friday night at revival in Pensacola, Florida.  Bishop Joseph Garlington came from the city of Pittsburgh, PA to bring by the glory to his church.  God was there as Brother Kilpatrick prayed over prayer cloths to take back to the steel city.  The anointing was so great that the power of God broke over Garlington's wife and she was unable to get up.  E.M. Stoneking has a heart for God and she was an eye witness of this event. The Brownsville web is located at  www.brownsville-revival.org/


RAMONA, OK  -- In a small church out in the middle of an Oklahoma Prairie a group of people are being touched deeply by the Holy Ghost.  Revival is about being forgiven and putting the past behind.  Next month on June 11, 2001 Timothy McVeigh will be executed by the U.S. Government in Indiana.  The symbol of death surrounds revival in Pensacola and also Oklahoma..  Two great revival  have been apart of Oklahoma in this during this time at Miami and Ramona. The bombling of the Federal Building and the killing of the two abortion doctors in Pensacola has brought the reality of death and revival in two sensitive areas of the country. 


PENSACOLA, FL -- On June 17 Steve Hill will come back to where it all started.  With the revival in deep transition, Hill will be a welcomed person to Brownsville Sanctuary.  His obedience to come to Pensacola and preach for several years in the greatest revival in the 20th century has brought countless thousands to Jesus.  Only the Lord knows all the cities, pastors and churches this revival has touched. On June 17, 2001 the Brownsville Revival will enter into its sixth straight year. 

 By Rev. Jerrell H. Miller
Remnant Editor & Publisher
PENSACOLA, FL ó In Mark 16:17 it says, "And these signs shall follow them that believe. They shall cast out demons." Like many who do not understand the things of the Spirit, many believe that the working of miracles and deliverance was the past history of the church. These works were established by the early Apostles and were the beginnings of a powerful move in the first century of the church.

You See These Things In Revival 

In the last days these ministries are coming forth once again ó if your in a church that has revival, you see these things. God knows about deliverance his Son was the role model for the modern church to follow and yet very little is known about this ministry. In England we watched those who were trained in deliverance actually deliver several people at one time. First the ministry would pray and those who came forth to be delivered in the lines that were standing in front of the large tent began to manifesting in the tent. It wasnít a fearful thing that was going on because those who had been trained in the ministry of deliverance moved in to minister. Once and for all these people were delivered. Did they have a demon, no many of them did not have a demon but were harassed by oppressive spirits that had been with them for years. What I saw was a modern day miracle in the church, people equipped for this type of ministry. They were not just good at what they did but they were confident within the realm of their ministry.

You canít be in revival for six years and not have to deal with this ministry. Bill Sudduth and his wife came to the Brownsville Revival in 1996. He was one of the first to attend the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. After graduation Bill was led to stay at the church. He has become a regular fixture in revival, teaching Cleansing Streams, but the thing that has really touched Bill Sudduth is the work that he does in deliverance during revival. "For years the Catholic Church was recognized in this work but we that have been in revival know that it is a part of revival. God still moves in the area of deliverance and during our years in Pensacola we have seen God move in this area. There are fundamental things that God has taught us in this area and I felt a need to design a manual for those to use in the church. The Deliverance Training Manual was reviewed by Doris Wagner of Global Harvest Ministries and here is what she had to say about it, "You have done an excellent job in this practical manual. I am so thrilled to see the proliferation of practical material. You have made a great contribution."

Plays A Vital Role At Revival 

Bill Sudduth has plays a vital role at revival in Pensacola. Very often during revival services he comes forward to work with people with a special need at the altar. "Very often we have encountered things at revival where we have had someone come to the altar for deliverance. We work with them while they are at the altar and if the need is a greater, we take them out of the main population of revival to work with them."

A Training Manual For The Church

The Deliverance Training Manual is a well designed book with scripture at the heart of every page and procedure in revival. The Scripture on the front Ephesians 6:12, A verse that describes the wrestling against flesh and blood is just one of the scriptures of understanding in this manual. This book opens the eyes of the believer to see that God has called us forth to work in deliverance, and that the examples can be found all through the New Testament.. In the priesthood of the believer, the church member can be trained in deliverance through this manual.

Sudduth has put together a manual of understanding written in the laymanís language of ministry for practical use.

May 26, 2001 - Morning Remnant

By E. M. Stoneking
PENSACOLA, FL -- Service was wonderful at Brownsville tonight. Before the second chorus of the first song was sung Holy Spirit fell on the people. Looking out from the choir loft I could see men all over the sanctuary with their handkerchiefs held to their faces sobbing. Women were crying openly and unashamedly in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Husbands and wives were holding on to each other for dear life weeping and drawing closer. Young children, usually fidgety, were still and silent. God had come in to the building and His presence was made known to all. It seemed as though there were so many songs that the Lord wanted to hear and Lindell played a melody of all of them. The Spirit that had begun to stir within us was churning like a whirlpool. I wanted out of my skin. I felt that my human body was holding me back from really touching Godís face in a very physical way. This earthsuit is the only one Iíll ever have but I would throw it over for a heavenly one in a heartbeat. There was a Holiness that covered the people like a blanket of softness, a blanket of love. Joseph Garlington stepped up to the pulpit and said, "We have gone too far to go back, we have crossed the line. Yesterday doesnít satisfy us anymore we want to go deeper in a fresh new way." He spoke about when Pastor Kilpatrickís legs buckled beneath him that Fatherís Day so many years ago. When those things first happened in Brownsville it was Holy Chaos and everyone was amazed at what the Lord had done. But to those that hung around enough it became normal. When people would shake all night long under the power of God; that became normal. When Lindell tossed out the song list and started to play Godís request list, that was normal. When we all stopped trying to get it right, God came down and made His presence normal to us. When Moses was on Mt. Sinai in Godís glory cloud God sustained him for forty days and nights. When you are in the company of God He will certainly sustain you for as long as it takes to cover you with His Glory so that your face glows with His presence.

Bishop Garlington Brings 36 Handkerchiefs to Brother Kilpatrick 

Bishop Garlington brought thirty-six handkerchiefs to Pastor Kilpatrick and asked him to pray over them. Joseph and his wife wanted to take them back to Pittsburgh with them as a symbol of taking back the anointing of God from their trip to Brownsville. Pastor Kilpatrick did pray over them and anointed them and asked God to send revival to the Garlingtonís church. When Mrs. Garlington reached out and took one of the blessed handkerchiefs she immediately fell to the floor. Joseph said, "She didnít twitch or move, she just melted into the floor and stayed there! And we had a plane to catch!" Pastor John told him to take the handkerchief from Mrs. Garlington or she might be on the floor all night. Josephís reply was, "I think if I do that we might both be on the floor all night!" Joseph turned from the pulpit just then and walked over to Pastor Kilpatrick and spoke directly to him. "When the room is filled with the fragrance of God and worship then you will hear the sound of the wind and the wind will come and fill this room with a thunderous presence." Then he called Lindell to him and said that Jesus was looking for another John to lay his head on His bosom.


We have mastered the mystery of yesterday and we need a new mystery today. We are hungry for Godís visitation, for His Glory to rest on our faces. Yet we are still overwhelmed that He bothers to visit us at all. I donít know how you see it but I want to realize what God has for me here on earth. I donít want to go to heaven without fulfilling the call of God on my life. Folks, I think that when we step into Revival, into Godís cloud of Glory, itís not heaven but a taste of heaven and home to the Spirit within us. Most of us left the sanctuary with shiny faces tonight. I donít know about the others but I hope that mine is still glowing in the morning.

May 25, 2001 - Morning Remnant

 Forgiven in Oklahoma 

By Jerrell H. Miller/Editor-Publisher
Good times are never forgotten in this present move of God and this month I have had the tremendous pleasure of being with old friends once again in Oklahoma.

We drove to one of the most beautiful states in the union. Many who live there donít think it is beautiful but I can tell you for sure that when you look across the prairie land of Oklahoma at sunset then you know how God has touched this place. Oklahoma is in the center of the news once again as Timothy McVeigh is on the edge of eternity. In passed columns I have written about death and how it brings the presence of God. One night in a hotel room in Nixa, Missouri, God woke me up to go to the great revival in Miami, Oklahoma. The only notable point of interest in Miami, Oklahoma is the grain silos in the middle of town but something was going on -- God was moving in this small community. The First Assembly of God was in revival and a no named evangelist, John Davis was preaching there. Wow what a move of God, if God hadnít told me to come then I would of never understood the powerful presence of God and the magnitude of this revival. Walking through the parking lot I looked at license plates. Missouri, Texas, Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, and on and on. People had heard about the move of God in Miami and Gerald Baser a soon to be retiring pastor had his lifetime burden fulfilled. Baser wanted to see revival in his church because he would soon retire.


The night Evangelist John Davis drove from Sikeston, Missouri he had no idea that the next six months would be mini Brownsville explosion in the middle of the farm lands. It was there men of God were renewed, thousands were saved and the healing power of God flowed. At the end of those six months John Davis would be a well known evangelist. After many years of just going from church to church, Davis would come into a recognition, no one ever would have expected out of his ministry.


What was it that drew God into the fire of Miami. We must recognize this, when a tragedy happens it draws the presence of the Holy Spirit into that situation. Just before this major outpouring of the Spirit the entire nation turned toward the tragedy of the blowing up of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Small children and the innocent lives were snuffed out by an unsuspected explosion from a truck parked outside of its entrance. It would be remembered by loved ones. Many would never see family members again and their lives would be changed until the day that they died.. Innocent Oklahoma would wake up to the reality of death and how it changes every bodies direction. I truly believe that this brought God to the small town of Miami, Oklahoma.


Now in just a few days, Timothy  McVeigh will  be put to death. The feelings of helplessness and revenge are wrapped up in this manís death. Forgiveness is the true message here. Thatís what revival is. The death of this man will not bring back the dead, but the forgiveness of this man can bring down the presence of God. John Davis came back to Oklahoma. Was it just timing or is it time? Those at Happy Hill Church will tell you about the Glory that happens when Evangelist John Davis preaches. Even Davis finds it unusual as how he is used by God in Oklahoma. John Davis was in the master plan of this state as much as Timothy McVeigh was. We do know that God works all things for his plan. McVeigh  thought he would serve as the judge who would justify Waco, but what McVeigh did was open a door for God to come into comfort and save. Davis preached a sermon that night I was at Happy Hill Church, in it he said, "Itís nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice." As he preached he named several individuals that had done acts of kindness. He also spoke about himself in a humble way saying that he was one of the most blessed man that had ever walked the face of the earth. We must notice one thing about Davis in Oklahoma -- he is a tool used in the hands of God. While Davis had visited Oklahoma for the last few years now he has had two lengthy revivals in that state. Once again during the time when the state will be dealing with Timothy McVeigh -- Davis is in a major revival in Oklahoma at Happy Hill Church. 


I want to tell you how beautiful this state is. I had the opportunity to preach in Ponca City in the Northern part of the state and then I drove down to Comanche, Oklahoma near the red river and I am more convinced that this state has a hunger for God that wonít let go. As we drove up U.S. 75 out of Tulsa just before we got to Ramona where the revival is, a sulfur truck collided with a small truck. As the sulfur truck burned out of control killing its driver my mind went back to the last time I traveled  to hear John Davis preach in Webb, Alabama earlier this year. It was on I-10 that a gasoline truck exploded right in front of my eyes one Sunday morning as I drove to Webb, Alabama. That fire also claimed the drivers life. During that afternoon Tulsa television stations were broadcasting from the tiny town of Ramona, Oklahoma. Both sides of US 75 were blocked off and people were not told to use the road that night, but when we got to the church the pews were filled from end to end. The truck fire could not hold back the glory and the moment. Davis understands his mission -- that very night he spoke on forgiveness as the altars were filled with people who came forward to get right with God. The fire was not on US 75 that night, it was at the altar rails of Happy Hill Church. It lingered late into the night as people were dropped under the presence of God. One thing you will know from what is happening in Ramona, somewhere down the line we will hear about the move of God in other churches where the people had been touched by this move of God in Ramona.

Timothy McVeigh we forgive you

The morning I got up to come home the wind was blowing in my face. I see the pattern of God - where men have faced death and hatred, there I will find my God and there I will see forgiveness. Timothy McVeigh we forgive you, may you find God in your last hours. Thou your sins be as scarlet Timothy, they shall be forgiven. We must remember, revival is about forgiveness. Only Jesus can forgive and only He can judge.

Steve Hill Returns To Pensacola

PENSACOLA, FL -- He's been away for a while but Steve Hill will return to the Brownsville Pulpit on June 17, 2001 to celebrate the Anniversary of the 6th year of the Brownsville Revival. Hill was the one that allowed God to move into the Holy Place in 1995 and the presence of that revival Spirit is still in the house. 

There has been great change at revival. It's not been a traditional revival as in years and centuries past. The supernatural has entered the arena of faith. In February the Prophet Cindy Jacobs came to impart wisdom and guidance. It was at that time that God came down and many questions that were being asked about the continuance of revival were answered in the early days 2001.  

Bridging the America's Conference reopened the door of the Supernatural. One person said, "We were so dry for so long and now during these last few days we have seen God's glory return to the sanctuary."  

The one thing that the people felt during the early February days of revival was the intensity that was in that move. One person who had stood in the presence of God at the revival since its being said, "What we felt when the prophet was in the house was real. Even during the early days of June in 1995 we did not sense and feel his presence like this. The leaders of revival at Brownsville have tried in recent days to be very low key. While God moved in February there continues to be a hovering presence of the Spirit of God over the sanctuary  in Pensacola. Where and when the outbreak is going to happen no one knows. 

May 24, 2001


by Donna Alpine/Remnant Reporter
n this land that are standing up and saying there is no law of God that we have to obey.  Is there a cause for England to pray?
          God says rise up.  He is mobilizing an army for war.  American will not let you down.  This is not about nationality, it is for the cause of Christ.  Surely there is an anointing from within to arise.  God wants to raise up allied forces for England to wage war in the heavens.  LONDON, ENGLAND -- Cindy Jacobs spoke on The Forerunner Anointing Wednesday night.  The message was prepare the way of the Lord to turn the heart of the nation back to the Lord.  God will arrive through judgment or through mercy.  Arise England and pray.  There is a new holiness movement coming to this nation.  God is pulling the plumb line across the nation.  There are Goliaths in the land. God is coming down to see what is happening in this election England faces June 7.  If we pray God's throne will be established as in old.  The court is seated in this place tonight, the books are open and deeds are being recorded.---There was a time of great repentance during the service and intercession, there was also restoration between Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England.---

        A holy cry rose up from this place tonight.  God has birthed restoration.  The heavens have shifted.  Donna Aplin said that the tangible presence of God could be felt as Jacobs delivered her message, she is surely a lady that had the favor of God and her prophetic voice is raising up the nations for revival.  She is a powerful voice in this move of God and her desire is to sit at the master's feet. 

Editor's Note: So far this week we have had stores of ministry from across the globe: Manuel McGregor from South Africa; David Cartledge, Australia & now Cindy Jacobs at the Bridging The Nations Conference in London, England. 


By Donna Aplin/Remnant Reporter
LONDON, ENGLAND -- This conference is filled with God's presence.  Holy Spirit is in this place.  The praise and worship Monday night kept building until we reached heaven.  


The Wind of God is blowing across England.  The theme has been to arise and pray for England.  The whole body must come together to pray in unity.  Arise and stir up the anointing in you to pray with faith.  It is time to fast and pray.  The absence of prayer is a testimony to our ability which is nowhere and prayer is the testimony to God's ability.  Cindy Jacobs has continued to call the church and all England to pray as have Julie and Rod Anderson.  England must rise up and pray for the nation and the election for God to have His way.

Joel Edwards had the morning session 

Joel Edwards had the morning session. He is a man of God and he is God's man for this time. His message was from the book of Joel. He encouraged the people to prepare themselves to not be immune to pain. To stir themselves to feel what God feels about England and the people. He warned that there is blindness to the fact that it is an urgent time. He said that the key to darkness is compassion. Passion for prayer gives the ability to weep, get down and say LORD!! spare the people! God gives us the capacity to weep for the people, for the government, give us a heart beat for the criminal, for young people who cry out by doing bad things, break our hearts God for the things that break Yours, empower us by Your Spirit, break us for the politician, for the hurting, God show us how to pray!


Cindy Jacobs said God weeps over Britain, over the children, racism, poverty, He is the Ever Lasting Father. God wants to give this nation tears. God wants to put love in your hearts for this nation. God sees this nation through eyes of incredible love.
        If the church will pray bad things do not have to happen. Be a little match and I will breathe on you. This is the moment to pray. God is calling you to fast and pray for He says I have love and mercy for this land.
The above messages are for England. America rise up and intercede for your mother country.

May 23, 2001


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- He's not your average Pentecostal. David Cartledge is a man with a name that is very strange but his last name is built for this time.  In the revamping of the Assemblies of God in Australia, David Cartilage has played a major role in  joining bone on bone to build a new era for these churches.  Today The Assemblies of God are one of the leading denominations of that cSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- He'sountry and most of the growth is believed to be due to the apostolic work of this era of time.  

Cartledge could be called the father of the Apostolic in this part of the world and many feel that his vision of the apostolic could be a blue print for the Body of Christ today.  David learned early that if the church was ever going to grow it would have to have the input of the Holy Spirit in two areas.  First, new works would have to be called forth from prophecy, thus the establishment of the prophetic voice back into the places where it had not been for years.  Second, the church would have to embrace the apostolic vision to build houses of Spirit and not religion.  Cartledge didn't see it as a building program for new construction of buildings but he saw it as a building process for the establishing of new ministry works in the Body of Christ.  The building of people would come first.   The recognition of new ministries to bring the health of the church would cause growth in a natural way that would lead to revival in the land down under.  Several years later the Assemblies of God have grown by leaps and bounds to be one of the leading denominations of  Australia. 


Peter Wagner said that Australia has the potential for being the role model for the whole world. Wagner praised the efforts of Cartledge as a leader in this field for his outstanding work with the Australian Assemblies of God.   The apostolic ministry of Cartledge  has caused him to build a new school in Sydney with that vision being taught to those who would venture to enter the school.   The Remnant editor said this about the new book and vision that Cartledge has.  "He is not afraid of the supernatural.  The first time I met David and his wife was at the great revival.  He is a true Pentecostal and has a desire for the supernatural.  David not only knows the supernatural but also has the a brilliant mind for the Word of God, this is seen in his new book.  Many today don't even know what the apostolic vision is, but through the work of The Apostolic Revolution, many see the church as place of vision and renewal.  David's heart is in the right place and we know that this work will lay the ground work for many other new works.  The church is tired of the routine of religion and needs new blueprints to accomplish the final mission that Christ has set for his apostolic last days unity and ministry."

Rita Boyle First Missionary to Soviet Georgia in 1989 From Happy Hill 

RAMONA, OK -- While at Church in revival The Remnant had the chance to visit Rita Boyle, an amazing women.  She is the mother of two of the main elements of the Happy Hill Outpouring.  Bear Boyle the worship leader and her husband Robert Boyle the Pastor of Happy Hill Church.  This is a family  is unique in every way in their service toward God, and has done a work for God which goes beyond the natural. 

Rita Has Traveled 91 Countries 

Rita has traveled to more than 91 countries around the world. She is known for going into the most remote areas to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She spoke to The Remnant about her trip to Russia.

Rita Boyle along with Charles and Linda Cooper of Happy Hill Church are in  the Republic of Georgia now.

1989 First Missionary To Soviet Georgia

During 1989 Rita Boyle traveled to the Republic of Georgia when it was in the Soviet Union. While she was there she meet with several people who were hungry for God. She met underground in the underground churches and every service the KGB secret police was there to track her comings and goings. Rita was told that she was the first missionary to travel into Georgia. Rita recently verified this information. "This was during the Perastrokia Period of the Soviet Union when those in charge were allowing a little more freedom of speach. We were watched by the Soviet KGB and later found out we were the first Christian Missionaries to travel into this area of the Soviet Union. While it was an underground church most of the places we met were literally underground. The KGB followed us from place to place.

There will be revival at on May 28 and 29 but Rita Boyle will be half-way on the other side of the world spreading the fire of Pentecost among those who have not yet heard the word. 


 PENSACOLA, FL -- Thereís a love affair going on at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. Those who know Dr. Larry Martin know that he is a man of passion and truth.  Richard Crisco has also stood strong in the rebuilding of the revival school.   Remembering back to January when the students started back to school a heavy presence of loss was upon the campus of the revival school but what God called forth during that time was a powerful sense of awareness and purpose among the students to not go left nor right, but to hold on to place where God had called them forth.


Dr. Larry Martin has become a fixture of refreshing at the school. If the fires of revival were kindled at the big church this Spring then it would have to be noted that the fire started at the school. Brenda Kilpatrick, Drenda Stoner and Lila Terhune along with many other intercessors began to pray over the school. In January if you were a visitor to the school  you could feel the air was pregnant with the fire of renewal.


God showed Himself to the students in February as a series of events brought the power of God down in the school. It was the week that Cary Robertsonís son died in Jasper, Alabama, that week broke the reality of God to many in the church and the school. The church and the school were beginning to be one. The sadness of the event began to bring God into the revival situation at the big church. That was the same week that Dr. Larry Martin prayed for the young English girl. As he laid hands on her the glory began to fall in the Orange Sanctuary of the  BRSM. The Glory came through that sanctuary, as classes were halted. Nine hours later students were being carried out under the power of God to just close the building.  It was the Evangelist-Teacher that helped stir the moment.  The office of the evangelist was witnessed as the stir of the school had a moment when Dr. Martin prayed. 


The whole semester began to take on a new dimension after this event. Soon the students would understand that this source of power was not coming from the tree of knowledge but it was coming from the tree of Life. Students would find out that the experience of revival would be greater than the knowledge of revival.  Over and again places were struck by the power of God in several situations and places.  His presence would come into the lunch room and the glory would flow. It happened in the pastoral counseling office and it kept happening in dorms and several other classroom situations.  God had come back to demonstrate his presence over and over in the midst of every situation at the school. These are the things that students would never understand unless they were involved in the process of Godís Glory. The students would find out that the Holy Spirit would be the greatest teacher of all during these days of renewal.

Dr. Larry Martin came to help his friend John Kilpatrick but what happened was something more than a friendly gesture.


On May 12, 2001 a special group of students will walk across the stage at the Brownsville Revival and as they walk they will receive more than just a diploma. God will walk with them to the places that have been prepared for them. They will have more than a book knowledge of God -- they will have been in the presence of God their whole last semester and they will have an understanding of His ways that many will never encounter in a seminary. They were tested, they came from the bottom to see the top and most of all they passed the test of loyalty. While many friends and teachers try to pull them from the path that they had chose, the winner in all of it was the obedience that they found in Jesus Christ. The did not listen to the voice of a man but they heard the voice of God. These are special graduates for they have learned a valuable lesson. They chose to eat from the tree of life and turned back the tree of knowledge. The Spiritual Garden still has two trees and the choice is still there and will always be there. These students that were in this particular semester at BRSM saw his face and saw his glory and that is something that you cannot teach in a book.

Richard Crisco and company have led a small band of believers in obedience through a dry and lonely places only to see the power of God perform much of what they could not personally do.

The spontaneous of God is alive and well at the Brownsville Church and make no mistake about the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry is a big part of that church. The voice of God spoke this semester louder than the voice of a man.


CHARLOTTE, NC --The Signs and Wonders Conference sponsored by All Nations Church was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Once again the Watch of the Lord went before the meeting but what came out of the meeting in Charlotte only God could have done.

It was during the worship service as Mahesh Chavda sang, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty, Liberty, Liberty." Tremendous clouds of feathers began to flow through the top of the tent that had been erected for the meeting.

As Chavda addressed that first meeting, his son had been born weighing only one pound and three ounces also with gangrene in his intestine. We had a commitment to go to Africa so I was going to have to leave my wife Bonnie here to bury our son.

"I remember when I was in Africa and it was noon time. I felt like myself and yet felt someone else was ascending and moving through me." The Lord asked me "Do you mind stepping aside for a while?" It was a time when I was in harmony with heaven. I was tuned in and could hear His voice. Suddenly in that city in the Congo the Lord of glory came and it transformed the atmosphere around me. I was looking and had never seen anything like this. I was speaking but something was speaking through me. I said, "Thereís a man here. Your son died this morning and God is going to resurrect your son today." A man ran up and his son had died this morning. A portion of his legs had been burned and a doctor had certified that he was dead. He was taken to the morgue where his brother-in-law stayed to watch over the body. A man had heard something from the heavenlies and a voice said, "Go to the square. my servant is in the city." It was at noon when God moved me to stand up and boldly say, "Where is the man whoís son has died." The man ran up to the platform in tears. I said to the man speak life to the dead, at that moment the dead body in the hospital morgue sneezed twice. It happened the moment that I laid hands on the Daddy. The body had been burned and the brain had been cooked by a severe cerebral malaria. The Lord raised this little boy from the dead, when the glory comes stand back it will have its ways. The vibration came from the Congo in the city of Conchasa all the way to Plantation General Hospital where my little boy lay there dying now completely healed . The same spirit that raised this child from the dead in the Congo breathed on my tiny baby boy. Today, Aaron Chavda stands almost as tall as his Das introduced him to the conference.

 May 12, 2001 The Remnant 


Editor's note: Our staff reporter covered this meeting of the Women of Worth In Birmingham, Alabama.  Bonnie Stinson of the Women of Worth has invested her time in these meetings to promote the River Move of God among women we hope you enjoy this report.

BY E. M. Stoneking

BIRMINGHAM, AL -- Friday - Day One -- As I was checking in to the hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, I turned around to see a line of ladies behind me of all different sizes and all different colors; some tall, some small, all with smiling faces lighting up the lobby. They were expecting God to show up but little did they know that God was waiting at The Advocate Center, just down the road, to receive them at the door as they entered. The building was not yet finished and there was no plush carpet on the floor in the entry way but Jesus offered a red carpet to these daughters that ran from His heart to theirs. There is just something about being in a room with hundreds of hungry women, and the women at this Women of Worthís History Makers conference were starving. They were hungry for God to meet their needs and fill every empty hole made by disappointments with their children, their husbands and even themselves. It seemed as if they were ready to devour every word from every speaker as if it might be their last meal. Bonnie Stinson, the Director of this Women of Worth conference, walked onto the temporary platform set up in the fellowship hall to welcome all who had come. She said that as she prayed about this conference God spoke to her in a vision and handed her a scroll. She said, "What is written on my scroll Lord?" and He clearly told her, "Teach my daughters to be worship warriors!" According to Second Corinthians 10:3 the weapons of our warfare are not of this world but Divinely powered. "The church has lied to us about worship", Bonnie said, "Worship is a weapon and when you have a war on your hands, when your son is on drugs or your daughter is hanging out with the wrong crowd, will you wield the sword of worship?" Not long into the worship time the Spirit of God fell. You could feel raw power, Holy Ghost power creating a vacuum that almost took your breath away.

Cheryl Grayson

 Cheryl Grayson took the platform and gave an altar call. Women from all over the building stepped out in faith for their children, their husbands and their health. They called down the victory from Heaven by bowing down at the altar in worship. I stepped out too, hearing Godís call deep in my heart for the healing of my wounded family. 

Beverly Bilbo

When the tears cleared there stood Beverly Bilbo, a dynamic preacher from Praise Church in New Orleans, speaking over us the words of Romans 9:17; "I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth." As History Makers we cannot keep the power of God to ourselves. We must display it unselfishly in order to proclaim His name wherever we go. "You can have all the "Supernatural" that you want but if you donít have the Fruits of the Spirit your witness is hollow!" There was nothing hollow about this first night of the conference as hundreds of women came forward for prayer. Many were delivered immediately of burdens that they had carried with them. Many would never be the same again.


Once again The Advocate Center became a haven for women seeking the impossible from God. Though a few lingered at the tables set up with books and tapes most hurried to the conference platform to begin the day in mighty worship to their only King, King Jesus. Everyone looked refreshed though I overheard many ladies say that they could not sleep because of the excitement they held in their hearts. The crowd was so diversified. So many were not from mainstream Charismatic churches. Yet the zeal and understanding of the work of Holy Spirit was magnified and embraced by all. The Shofars sounded as we entered the meeting room and shouts and cheers went up to celebrate the powerful ministry of Christ moving thorough these anointed women of God.

Cheryl Grayson

 Praise and worship had begun and as Cheryl Grayson invited us all to move out of our seats the altar area became flooded with joyous partakers of these festivities. We danced! I mean we danced our hair down! All propriety went right out the window as the ladies danced like King David before the Lord. We were dancing the ark into the city and everybody knew it. Bonnie Stinson took the platform and said that the Lord had spoken to her during the night and told her to ask a question of Cheryl Grayson because He had given Cheryl the answer. Bonnie called Cheryl forward and then turned to her and said, "What is God speaking to women today?" Indeed Cheryl had the answer and had been waiting to share what God had spoken to her. In Judges 5:7 it says that Deborah arose a mother in Israel. Prior to that the highways were deserted and village life had ceased. "God is requiring something from you!" Sister Grayson said. "He has called you to be what He created you to be, a mother to the lost and dying and a mother to the spiritual as well as physical children that God has given you!" Jesus was never given a position, and even when they tried to call Him Rabbi he rebuked them. He did not have a job description to follow! He simply implemented who He was on a day-to-day basis. God desires women to implement their calling in a practical sense. This is not Generation "X", this is Generation "Next" and we should be reminded that though David was not able to build the house of the Lord he certainly cut the trees for the next generation to build it. "Keep in mind that the next generation will be pillars, Cedars of Lebanon, standing in the temple of the Most High God! Harvest well for the house will be built and it is up to you to provide the materials that build it."

Lois Hoshor

 Sister Lois Hoshor, an evangelist from Thornville, Ohio came to speak to us next. "We need the Holy Ghost!" she said. "Sometimes as women we get it all together then we forget where we put it! We must rely wholly on the Holy Spirit. " I was sitting in the front and turned around in my seat to view the crowd behind me. The ladies were giggling and I smiled too because I realized that I was in a room full of mighty world shakers for Jesus. These women were serious in getting every drop of what was being offered to their spirits. Sister Lois said that we were a "Turn Aside" generation. Moses would have missed God had he not turned aside to see the burning bush in the desert. We will not miss God! We will turn aside and see what He has for us! "God wants to do through you", she said, "Walk in a realm of expectation!" For too long we have been told that had a man stood up when God called him there would never have been a women in ministry. "Thatís a lie!" Lois said, "You are not Godís second choice!" When she said, "Come forward if you will commit your life to making history." Many hit the floor right where they were. Many could not get to the front because of the press of those responding. 

Darlene Bishop

I wondered if we would be able to peel everyone off of the carpet in time for the next speaker, Darlene Bishop, to preach them down there again. Sister Bishop is Co-Pastor with her husband Lawrence of Solid Rock Church in Monroe Ohio. "We have been told that if God could use a donkey and that God could use a roster then He can use a women. Well I donít know whether I should crow or bray sometime when I get up to preach! I just want to tell you this," she said, "remember that woman carried the word for nine months before a man ever saw it!" If women would stand up and be who God has called them to be without excuse the power would fall in the church today, the Glory would fall in the home today. But when we pray we pray the problem. We do not speak the truth into existence, we whine about how the devil got us down. "If you have a husband that is not saved and comes home drunk and passes out on the floor pour your bottle of anointing oil on him right there and thank God for that Mighty Man of God He has given you." But donít forget that you must live according to the principles of God in order to function properly in Godís Kingdom. If you have a car that only uses diesel fuel and you put regular gas into it the car will malfunction and cease to run. We are the same way. Everything has a God given principle to live by and we must comply with the manufactures directions for proper operation. Disobedience is a violation of Godís principle and there is a price to be paid. If you buy a house and donít pay the payment you are in disobedience to the principle of buying a house and you will be tossed out. It is not the mortgage companyís fault. It is your fault and the price you pay for disobedience. All sin has the penalty built in. God doesnít "Bam" us with a big hammer when we sin, no, because if you sin you will automatically reap the penalty. Some sins pay out quicker than others but they all require a price to be paid. "There is no freedom without truth", Sister Bishop said, "You must become truth, it must become your way of life." She asked us to turn to one another and pray for each other. "Come into agreement, she said, and call forth what you came here for!" A flood of prayer rushed into the room, desires were granted and needs were met, tears were shed and laughter shared. A prayer line was formed and all the wonderful women that ministered to us these two days joined in to lay hands on all those in need. The power of God manifested and I saw one woman with hands raised saying, "Lord donít let me be afraid." I later learned that she thought that she was on the verge of being raptured right through the roof. She was convinced that this was her day to see her Savior, face to face. I lingered in the front of the building as the ladies trickled out. No one was rushing to leave like they had rushed to enter. You could tell by their faces that they were drained of self and filled with Him. New friends were made and old friendships rekindled. Plans were laid to get together at the next Women of Worth Conference. God willing Iíll be there. I wouldnít miss it for the world!

May 17, 2001

By E.M. Stoneking
Remnant Staff Writer 

It's Time
By E.J. Stoneking

LAKELAND, FL It was almost as if the choir was not supposed to join Pastor Kilpatrick at the United in Prayer crusade in Lakeland. So many things had happened. Schedules were changed, the bus was having problems and it took us longer to arrive than expected. When we finally got there and walked into the Abundant Life Church of God it was as if Jesus smiled down at us and said, "Well, you pushed on through and now you will be blessed because you did not give up." The choir was ushered into the church offices area, down the hall and into a conference room where food and refreshments had been set up. Everyone was so excited to be there finally and united with the worship team that had arrived the day before. 


There were lay ministers and senior pastors from various churches there and the testimonies of the night before were flying. Pastor Philip Hulzebos from Trinity Christian Center in Lakeland was talking to Hazel Johnson from the worship team about the previous nightís services. Hazel said, "Heís still hot! Feel his shoulders!" Hazel had gone to pray for this pastor but according to members of his church that were in the balcony she never touched him! When she got about a foot away from him with her hand outstretched he was thrown backwards and onto the floor. Pastor Hulzebos said that he felt so hot it was like he was burning up. When he finally pulled himself off of the floor he said, "I just knew that I had caught on fire. I took out my Pentecostal hanky to wipe my face but there was not a drop of perspiration!" 


A day later he was still on fire and Pastor Kilpatrickís words "Itís time" still echoed in his ears. "You know, my maintenance man came up to me this morning and told me he had a word from the Lord for me. "I donít know what it means pastor, but God told me to tell you that, Itís Time!" The Abundant Life choir joined the Brownsville choir for a mighty time of ministry as the banners were brought out for the prayer service. Praying for the needs represented by the banners is not a time of entertainment but a time of work and a time of war. As each banner came to the front of the platform a spotlight shown down from the balcony. Every banner solicited a different response but respond the people did. 


When the "Healing" banner came out and Lori Weekly sang "Healer in the House" the roof came off of the Abundant Life sanctuary. It was obvious that we would never be able to return to the way we were before we entered this building tonight. One Oriental lady dressed in full traditional dress of the East was at the altar bowing over and over and over again. You could tell that God was touching her in a deep way. Everyone seemed to grow in stature when the "Ministers" banner came out. Cheers went up as hands reached out to touch the Lord for their Pastors and the ministries they represented. As I raised my eyes to the Lord I saw a mist like vapor rising above a pool of Holy Ghost fire in the balcony. I wondered if indeed the balcony had caught on fire! Just then Pastor Kilpatrick called all of the Ministers to the altar. We prayed for them and they were then released to go out among the congregation to lay hands and anoint with oil. They moved out as a wall of power, many soldiers moving as one. I had my head down and I was praying for these warriors. When I looked up I thought to myself, "Where did everyone go?" but of course they were all on the floor! 


After the time of ministry Pastor Larry Anderson, senior pastor of Abundant Life came up to give the closing remarks. He said that God had told him in a dream to call out for more and so he spread that cry throughout the congregation by calling this crusade MORE! God also impressed upon him to begin "Travailing Tuesdays" to cover Lakeland with prayer and intercession. The people were ecstatic and elated at the thought of bringing out their own banners and praying over the needs of their church, their city and their nation. Their pastor had caught the vision! Everyone was reluctant to leave when Pastor Anderson dismissed the service. The choir sang another song and still the people stayed. Finally we were released to leave the sanctuary and ushered once again into the conference room for refreshments while we waited for the bus that would take us home. A lady was brought to me that was a long time member of Abundant Life Church of God. They told me that she had spent a good hour under the organ the night before. I asked her what had happened to her and she began to share her testimony. 


"I have battled with depression for a good number of years," she said. "Last night as Pastor Kilpatrick reached out to pray for me the power of God hit me so hard that I could not stand up. I couldnít open my eyes or move any part of my body. My ears began to burn outside then inside and something strange began to happen to me. Have you ever seen when the astronauts train for space travel and they are put in this machine that goes so fast that their faces are pulled back tight by the force of the spin? Well, that is what happened to me! I got caught in the "G" force; the "God" force and something happened that I am unable to explain. All I know is that He touched me and I will never be the same. I will never have the ups and downs of depression again. I am finally free!" As she said this Holy Spirit manifested himself and her shoes flew one way and her bible and purse flew another right there in the back hallway. She ended up on the floor once again, no doubt taking a holy journey through the "Gí force of God. Tammy Miles, from the Abundant Life choir, came to take me into Pastor Andersonís office. She told me there was a lady there that wanted to talk to me. The Brownsville choir was praying softly in the large room behind me as I entered the room full of pastors and their wives. One sweet lady was leaning up against the wall crying, it was the youth pastor, Billy Bambergís, wife Audrey. She wanted so badly to talk to me but she couldnít pull herself together. Meanwhile the prayers in the outer room were getting louder! Pastor Andersonís wife got up and excused herself. "I donít want to miss what ever this is!" she said as she left the room. Finally Sister Bamberg asked if we could go into her husbandís office and she told me then how much this prayer crusade had meant to her. It seems that God had been moving mightily in the past few months among the youth. Pockets of Holy Ghost Glory had fallen here and there but she knew that He wanted to come in a deeper more complete way. "I thought that maybe it was me, maybe I was holding back the flood that He wanted to bring in." she said, "I fasted and prayed as I never had before and God spoke to me." The Lord showed her that there was a rim of the next level that she could just barely touch if she reached up with her fingertips. If she got on tiptoe she could feel the base of where they could be standing in Him. "This Prayer Crusade has been a footstool that God has placed under my feet and tonight when I reached up to feel the next level I could put my hands there and begin to pull myself up. I know that God is going to take us somewhere we have never been before in His Glory. We are hungry for that, we are waiting." I prayed for them and Godís powerful Holy Ghost fell in that office. I left them there together babbling in the Spirit. I thought that maybe the choir had left me but as I turned the corner all I could see were bodies overcome with God. Some were just pacing in the Spirit and some were on the floor crying, unable to move. The choir was trying to make their way to the bus but God was still moving and no one wanted to leave, but leave we did, weeping and wailing as we went. We left tender words and meaningful prayers behind and all I could think of was Pastor Kilpatrick saying, "Itís time!" The first revival in Florida was in Carpenterís Church with Brother Straighter in Lakeland. Indeed central Florida has been pivotal in these last days, a focal point in the elections of man and in the moving of God. Indeed, Pastor Kilpatrick, it is time for Florida to once again begin to burn with the Holy Ghost. Itís time for the fire come full circle!

May 7, 2001 - Sunday Remnant


MOBILE, AL -- The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God was in Mobile Sunday to speak at Moffatt Road Assembly of God. Pastor Jerry Jenkins introduced Trask. Trask and his wife were in Mobile to visit their oldest grand child (Heather) who is graduating from Baker High School.

Thomas Trask has been General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God since 1993. He has been a pastor for 25 of his 44 years in ministry. With over two and a half million members, the Assemblies of God has grown by leaps and bounds. 

At the end of his sermon seven people came forward to receive Christ. Trask said there is no place in scripture that says you shouldn't go by your feelings. He quoted Isaiah 55 and said that God's ways are not our ways and God can chose to do anything He wants. He went on to explain as he spoke about our differences being as salt and light to the world. We are in the world to live holy so others might feel and need to repent and change. 

In Acts 12 Peter is chained to a wall when an Angel comes to shine a light on him and release him. King Herrod would summon him at that very hour for death, but God through the obedience of those who were praying for him sent him a messenger to release him. 

As a former pastor in Detroit, Trask said that he saw the good times of the autoworkers and he has seen the bad. GM, Ford & Chrysler do not determine the will of God and neither does the politics of the land. He went on to say that nothing would work in God unless it is handled with prayer. In his text he said the people in Jerusalem were praying a specific prayer, "Please God don't let them kill Peter." 




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