Bethel Still In Revival - Redding, CA

REDDING, CA -- The revival continues at Bethel Assembly of God in Redding, Ca. More than 1000 people have been healed in the last seven months - from back problems to cancer.

The church had an unusual wedding a few weeks ago. The bride and groom, Colleen and Ralph, met while working in Bethel’s ministry to the poor. Because the needy had become their friends it seemed natural to give these folks the opportunity to celebrate with them in their special day. What was unusual is that the bride and groom turned "their" day into a day of blessing for the poor.

It was planned as an outdoor wedding, close to where the homeless spend their days. Because of the bad weather it was moved to the Bethel Church sanctuary.

Frontline International Church (Pastored by my brother, Bob Johnson) bussed the people to the ceremony. Pastor Bob and his team provided us with a time of great worship, followed by the preaching of the gospel. After he led the group in the sinner’s prayer, I performed the ceremony.

At the reception the bride and groom then served all their guests, rich and poor alike, a wonderful Tri-tip dinner. The gifts that were brought were even more surprising. Ralph and Colleen registered only at Target, asking for gifts for their homeless friends - sleeping bags, coats, hats, and gloves. Our local paper caught wind of their intent and sent a reporter and photographer to cover the event.

They put a wonderful picture of the bride and groom in their tux and gown serving food to the needy on the front page of the Sunday edition. Next to the picture was a an article describing the wedding, the needy crowd, and the involvement of two churches.

What they didn't see is what follows. A man and woman passing through the area stopped by the church to get in on the wedding meal. He struggled to walk and was in obvious pain. After talking to him we discovered he had been given two to three years to live due to cancer. He had braces on each wrist because of carpal tunnel syndrome, and a brace on his neck because cancer had destroyed the muscles that held up his head. He walked with pain due to hip replacement surgery, which also left him having to waddle as he walked with a leg that was too short. After they had eaten, Bob and I brought them into the kitchen to receive prayer. Beginning with the wrists, God touched him with healing grace. He is pain free.

Next we prayed for the leg to be lengthened. I asked the wife to watch, knowing her own faith would increase. Both his leg and her faith grew quickly. After we commanded the pain out of his hip he walked across the kitchen with no pain, no cane, and no waddle.

He then removed his neck brace and we began praying for a creative miracle of redeveloped muscles. By this time we had a crowd joining in the celebration, including a medical doctor who also prays for healing for many of his patients. With his hands on the neck, he began to speak to the muscles by their Latin names, commanding their growth. God honored his faith, and in moments the lumps from the cancer were gone, and the muscles were restored. The doctor’s report has since confirmed that all cancer is gone.

He also jogs most every morning. On the Sunday he gave this testimony he said, "I walked in here a cripple. But God gave me my life back!" They were converted as a result of those miracles. Because of the hundreds of healings we've had in recent months, the bride and groom were hoping that signs and wonders would take place in their wedding.

Little did they realize they would become the sign that made people wonder! All praise be to God for His healing grace. And much thanks to a bride and groom who invited Jesus to attend another wedding.