"Watch your wife. I’m about to speak to her." Michal Ann was still asleep when the being spoke to me, but when the clock reached the midnight hour, the manifested appearance seemed to leave the room. I could sense the being presence although I could no longer see him. Michael Ann instantly woke up, and trembling in the fear of the Lord, I whispered to her, "An angel has just come!"

SACRAMENTO, CA — While in California Jim Goll related a story of how the Presence of God came to his wife for a period of time that lasted nine weeks.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We found this to be very interesting and will relate the story as written in the book called, "The Lost Art of Intercession." The following is an excerpt of the words of Jim and Michal Ann Goll.

On October 6, 1992, at 11:59 p.m., I was suddenly awakened by a crash of lightning that brightly illuminated our bedroom. It was the Day of Atonement, the ancient day of sacrifice, salvation, and new beginnings observed by Jews around the world for thousands of years. In the eerie flickering light in our backyard I saw a man standing in our room. He looked strangely at me. I blinked and looked at him again, and he continued to look at me for what seemed like the longest minute of my life. Then I heard the words, "Watch your wife. I’m about to speak to her." Michal Ann was still asleep when the being spoke to me, but when the clock reached the midnight hour, the manifested appearance seemed to leave the room. I could sense the being’s presence although I could no longer see him. Michal Ann instantly woke up, and trembling in the fear of the Lord, I whispered to her, "An angel has just come!" Together we shook in the bed with the covers pulled up right to our faces for the next 30 minutes. Tyler, our four-year-old son, had moved to our room when he had become frightened by the storm, and he was asleep on the floor on my side of the bed through the whole ordeal. For some reason, I floated off to sleep for a while without telling Michal Ann what the "man" had said. She was now left wide awake as the sense of the presence increased and I slumbered away.

While I slept, the Holy Spirit began to move upon Michal Ann in some rather unusual ways. At one point she felt a hand in the middle of her back exerting great pressure, and she heard herself moaning and groaning as the activity increased. It was so intense that she was afraid to even look at herself in the mirror, thinking she might discover that her hair had turned white or the appearance of her face had been dramatically rearranged. Just as this portion of the intense encounter came to an end, I woke up again. A light was shining over our bedroom dresser. We continued to tremble as the fear of the Lord was ever so strong. We tossed up a feeble prayer and said, "Lord, if this visitation is of You, then cause one of our children to have a dream about an angel to confirm this visitation. We waited and quietly prayer, "Oh God, oh God, oh God!" I think we identified with the old gospel hymn, "Were You There" in the line where it says, "sometimes He cause me to tremble, tremble, tremble." I then fell asleep for the rest of the night, but Michal Ann was left alone again until 5:00 a.m. with God’s terrifying Presence thick in the room.

Later that morning we awakened to find Tyler standing right beside me, and he said, "I had a dream last night that an angel come and visited our house." Justin, our first born, was asleep in his room right above us on the second floor. He was all excited that morning when he told us that he, too, had a dream that angels had come. In the dream he was shown a white horse that was being prepared for a mission that was yet to come. Interesting, huh? Michal Ann was shown the same horse when at one point she seemed to have been "taken up in the Spirit." How comforting and reassuring this was! God was watching over His Word to perform it. Remember, when something is truly of the Lord, He will confirm it by the witness of two or three.

Although we were somewhat already versed in the supernatural activities of the Holy Spirit, this was a totally new league. But it’s interesting to note, that in the summer of 1992, I had a dream in which the Lord instructed me to study the ministry and function of angels. I avidly read all the scriptures on the subject and every book that I could find. I thought it was an interesting assignment, but I had no idea that in the fall of that year our household would become a "visitation ground" for angels. Nor would I have guessed that for the following nine weeks the visitation would center primarily on my wife. Here are some of the things that happened during the next nine weeks of visitation as told by Michal Ann Goll.

"I heard a spiritual song in my sleep that I just couldn’t figure out. It bothered me so much that I woke up. The singer in this dream sang, ‘Where is my bride, o my God?" I pondered those words over and over until I finally realized that it was Jesus who was singing the song. I was getting some clarity on some of the issues brought up by the Holy Spirit at that point, but it was very overwhelming. I didn’t know what to do with the song, and this really bothered me because I felt that it had much to do with Jesus’ return to claim His spotless Bride, the Church.

"The problem is that as a Bride we don’t know what we should look like, and we don’t really know what our Groom looks like either. He is coming, and we don’t intimately know who He is! I felt a deep burden to search out His face and to know Him just for His sake. As if in answer to my quest, the Lord sent angelic visitors into our bedroom night after night for the next nine weeks, and each time they came, they ushered the manifest Presence of God. This weighty glory of God was almost unbearable to me. I was scared out of my wits because the fear of the Lord was so intense.

"One time I saw 12 fireballs literally arc through the room and hit me squarely in the chest. Their impact electrified my body and made me wonder if I was going to survive the experience. Before the arrival of the Presence each night, I would earnestly pray to experience God’s fullness again. As His glory filled my bedroom, I would feel the pressing weight of His holiness and begin to cry out, ‘Please Lord, I can’t take anymore! I think I am going to die!’

"Finally, the Lord said, ‘Ann, do you want Me to come or not?’ I took several days to think over this question because I was just so overwhelmed by the intensity of His Presence. In His mercy, the Lord brought me to a place where I had to decide what really mattered the most to me. He was no longer willing to let me just waffle back and forth from day to day and retreat into my excuses and fears. Perhaps it was a form of the ‘Mount Moriah’ test and God wanted to see if I was willing to climb upon the altar of God myself as a living sacrifice. Finally, the Lord confronted me with a choice—not a choice between salvation or damnation, for I was already forgiven and saved since a child—but a choice to make between what I had already experienced and what God longed yet to impart to me. The problem was that He wanted me to empty my hands before He filled them with something greater. He asked me, ‘Well, what do you want?’ "Finally, I responded to Him in the way He always wanted me to respond. I said, ‘Well Lord, if I live, I live; and if I die, I die, but I really, really want You to come.’ Angelic visitors continued to visit our bedroom regularly. They still visit on occasion. In every case, they always speak of the things that are nearest and dearest to the heart of God. At times we are struck with ecstasy, and at other times we are struck low with the fear of God and stark revelation of our sinfulness compared to His incomparable holiness and beauty.

" I came out of these times of visitation with a burden to help men and women get ready for His coming—His intimate, personal coming. Every time that I hear some of the songs we sing with incredible words and melodies about intimacy with God, I tremble. When we sing, ‘Oh Lord, let me feel the kisses of Your mouth, let me feel Your warm embrace, feel the tenderness of Your touch’ and the like, I’m convinced experientially that we have no idea what His kiss is like!

"Just as I pulled back when the manifest Presence of God entered my room with unexpected results, we as a corporate body of believers often recoil when He really answers our sung prayers and touches us with His glory and fire! We back up and say, ‘No! You’re coming too close.’ Meanwhile, God is saying, ‘ Do you realize that all of those songs you’ve been singing to Me are arousing My love? I am coming to you and you don’t even know that it’s Me.’ "

Jim Goll said this about his wife’s visitations at their home: After the most intense period of these angelic visitations had passed, I walked into our kitchen one night, looked at Michal Ann, and said, "I just don’t know who you are anymore." She looked at me and replied, "I just don’t know who I am becoming." Since then, I’ve seen a new depth of raw power and spiritual authority rise up in Michal Ann’s life. God imparted something to her that allows her to see past the barriers of fear, and she is able to minister security, hope, and destiny with authority. Even people who have never known Michal Ann before recognize that Someone or something incredible has totally transformed her into a mighty woman and minister of God. This highlights one of the most dynamic roles of supernatural encounters in our lives.