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MOBILE, AL -- Above are the BRSM students that went to England, Evangelist John Davis and Barry Segal in Jerusalem.  What do they all have in common?  They are all in the will of God and are in the place of their calling.  No one knows where they belong until they are called. The greatest refreshing of all is to know that you are in the place where God has called you.  Today we shall finish up our series on the best river churches in the land.  We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it. 


In Hardeeville, South Carolina Pastor Charles Bowman and Abundant Life Tabernacle has been in revival for the last three years and every time we visit this fire it seems to have grown. Three Evangelists have visited: John Davis, Dr. Larry Martin and Wayne Neal.

Another fire that is in the center of Illinois is First Assembly of God in Springfield, Illinois. Their More Lord Friday nights has acted as a hub for much of the renewal in the area surrounding in Illinois. Pastor Eric Hanson is in the process of building a new sanctuary.

Pastor Cecil Turner in Mobile, Alabama was the only church in the Mobile area that has directly experienced the river move of God from the Brownsville Revival. Evangelist Wayne Headrick carried Calvary Assembly of God into full revival for an entire year. That revival experience continues in the church.

Paulette Blaylock this year has witnessed the power of God as revival has come to her church in a large way in the Central Valley of California. Landmark Christian Center and Pastor Blaylock have witnessed three resurrections of people who have died in service. Her own sister was healed of cancer in one service. Evangelist Wayne Neal is the evangelist in this church. Neal began to preach revival in September and now after a brief holiday relief period the revival has picked back up in the city of Porterville, California.

In California a church in Galt, has had a rich move of God. New Hope Assembly and Pastor David Ross has seen God move in a powerful way. Ross was healed of cancer and many others who have came to the church has brought the healing message.

Pastor Richard Oliver has been a friend of the pastor in the Sacramento area. He has pastored Orangevale Family Christian Center (The Fatherís House) near Sacramento for several years. Touched by the power of God at the Brownsville Revival, he has been a friend to the pastors in the Northern California area who are seeking revival. No one has done more to promote unity among pastors than Rich Oliver in this river move of God, he has paid the price to bring the presence of God to Northern California.

Vacaville Christian Center pastored by Dave Crone has been a leaders in the San Francisco Bay area for river revival.

At Alma Mt. Hope in Alma, Michigan Pastor Dale Sherby and congregation are being warmed by an awesome fire this winter. Every since there seventh anniversary, the power of God has been flowing.

Gary Beck in Ravenna, Ohio has been in continuous revival for the last three years. Ravenna Assembly of God has a flowing spirit of renewal, they continues to move deeper into the river of God.

Another Ohio church is found at Youngstown. David and Kathie Thomas at were touched at Heritage Fellowship in Florence and have opened a door of revival for the last four years in the northern part of Ohio.

In Rio Grande Valley at Trinity Worship Center, Pastor Robert and Debbie Kane have an awesome fire. The church has been in a revival mood for the last two years.

Oklahoma has a church near the Red River in Comanche, OK. Pastor W.W. Harkins is now in his fifth year of revival at Praise Assembly of God. Revival services have been continuous on Monday nights. Chris Harvey, Jerrell Miller, John Davis, Dr. Larry Martin and others have spoken here.

Happy Hill Church in Ramona, Oklahoma is a powerful church. People have prayed for revival every since members returned from Pensacola. This year Evangelist John Davis carried them for 13 months in continuous revival. This on going fire continues into 2002.

In Silverspring, Maryland Immanuels Church has experienced revival and co pastor Dottie Schmidt and her husband have prepared the church with a commanding knowledge of the Word of God. The Schmidts have a heart of compassion that reaches out in a deep into the community.

Two churches in North Carolina has an equal fire Pastor Glenn Dickens in Salisbury, North Carolina has a powerful move of God at Rowan Christian Assembly. Pastor Mark Matthews at Christian Life Center in Charlotte, North Carolina have been in continuous revival for the last since their trips to the Brownsville Revival.

Pastor Walt Weaver of Faith Assembly of God in Anderson, Indiana has regular revival meetings and has served as a hub church of revival in his area of influence.

We have visited these churches and these churches represent the hubs of the Spirit. These are the places where other pastors and lay people come to receive impartation revival back to their churches. We know that there are more than just these churches in the river, these are the places we have traveled in the last year of revival



PENSACOLA, FL -- This is a special Remnant edition because of the review of last years events.  We feel that last year opened a door of the supernatural that no one else covered in Pensacola.  People were there when the prophet spoke and told of the increase of evil in the world.  While many struggle for the next high in Pentecost the true body of Christ is in fasting and prayer right now to touch the face of God for this year. It was a quiet sermon on a peaceful day in Pensacola but "Just Watching," was a prophetic statement like a shot heard round the world.  How could the pastor of the Brownsville Revival have known about the events after he spoke them on September 9th, 2001.  The events and the happenings at the Brownsville Assembly of God were not just historic they were supernatural last year.  Still the most powerful outpouring of the Spirit in the world today the Brownsville Revival is attracting visitors from all over the world.


MOBILE, AL -- We move to our sixth church in our services of the best seven Pentecostal Churches in America.  Once again this church will not be found in the pages of any periodical except the Kansas City Star. Pastor George Westlake is 70 years old and his command of the Word of God is amazing. 
        Westlake grew up near the Detroit area in a Liturgical setting and was introduced to Pentecost at an early age.  His views and his burden to reach the inner city is reflected at Sheffield Christian Center.  Built within the inner city of Kansas City the population of the church is multi-racial in membership.  The church thrives on ministering to the castaways of life.  Drug offenders, single parent women and the battered marriage comes through their doors on a regular basis.  In the 38 years that Westlake has pastored the church he says than not one service goes bye unless someone is introduced to Jesus Christ.
         Sheffield Family Life Center has an able staff that has come from the ministry of the church.  Ex-drug offenders, gamblers and many other castaways make up the able staff of the church.  The heart and the soul of the church is reaching the lost and when you go to their services
.  P 

MOBILE, AL -- We have been away for a few days but we haven't forgotten to inform you of the best places in America to worship. Our focus this Sunday is on Bethel Church in Redding, California at the head waters of the Sacramento River near Mt. Shasta.

Pastor Bill Johnson
     Pastor Bill Johnson was gifted in the prophetic when he came to Bethel Church just a few short years ago to take over from his father as he retired.  It is a rather large church for the area of Redding but the move of the Holy Spirit is deep within the walls of this great church.  Pastor Bill Johnson is a very soft spoken man in the faith but what an awesome man of God he is.  The presence of God hovers over this place of worship and the supernatural is an expected occurrence in this church.

A Supernatural Church  
    Every since Morning Star Prophet Bobby Conner visited the church a couple of years ago a supernatural presence of feathers began to fall from the top of the church during service.  Feathers are found all over the building at times.  Worship is awesome in this church and prophetic dance brings the witness of the Holy Spirit during the deep moves of God here.  This church is a five star church in the Holy Ghost that does not pull back from the seeking of God and his presence.  We could write forever about this church.  Once you have visited Bethel Church in Redding you will be hungry for what they have.  This is just one of the best churches in America -- The Remnant editor visited here this year and in the past and every visit has been a visitation and a warm memory.  The prayer garden called the Alabaster Box has deep presence of Spirit.  No better church can be found from Los Angeles to Redding on the coast of California like Redding.  

MOBILE, AL -- We continue on our road to looking at the seven greatest Pentecostal Churches in America.  Waymen Rodgers won Colonial Harlem Sanders to the Lord.  At the death of his father, Pastor Bob Rodgers moved into the pastorate at Evangel Prayer Center in Louisville, Kentucky. There is something that is built into  Bob Rodgers that is much like his father.  His father taught on the principle of giving and through that principle the church was built and established in Louisville.
PRAYER & INTERCESSION.................
        Giving is a life-style at the large Pentecostal church in Louisville.  Now in the process of building a new worship center that will hold more than 5,000 believers the whole emphasis of the church has been around prayer. One section of the church will have six screens where intercessors can pray for major events around the world as the go on.
       Once again the hall mark of this church is prayer and intercession with a heavy emphasis on fasting.  In the coming years you will see the glory of God upon this house because it was built on the foundation of prayer and fasting.


MOBILE, AL -- We are now on the third day of  the  seven days. Our third church has just celebrated their fifth year of revival.   The Smithton Outpouring has been called the Corn Field Revival and Steve Gray is the harvester.  The glory that began at the Brownsville Revival through the pastor has now moved to Kansas City, Missouri where a new church has been built and most of the original (64) families have moved to Kansas City from Smithton to be an active part of the ministry.
         The most impressive thing about this move of God is the obedience of Steve Grey to hear God's voice and do His will.  Grey was dramatically touched at the Brownsville Revival and came home to a small church in the middle of nowhere to touch his people in a great way.
      The other arm of this revival is the tremendous outpouring of praise and worship led by his wife Kathy and Eric Nuzum .  This is a revival that is very much together.  The people of the church have a tremendous spirit that is involved in the deepest of ways.  Many have put their lives on hold to build a place of revival in a place where there is a great need.  Once again the foundation of this church is intercessory prayer. 

MOBILE, AL -- We continue our series on the seven most anointed churches in America.  We would like to qualify that statement in the fact that these are the places the Remnant has visited in the last eight years of revival. We also exclude the Brownsville Revival and the Toronto Outpouring for these works are well known to those in the river.


       Today we turn our attention to a work that is just seven years old.  Mahesh Chavda has built All Nations Church on the Watch of the Lord.  No one has experienced visitation in the body of Christ deeper than this church has in the last  year.  This is a familiar place for many in the river for this is the place Sister Ruth Heflin used to visit.  There is a glory in this house like no other in the land.  Last Summer during one of their conference meetings a strange occurrence happened under the tent.  As Mahesh Chavada spoke about the resurrection of a young man he had raised from the dead in Africa the glory of God touched the tent.  Blues, Gold and Red pieces of substance began to appear above the tent, it was caught on film by Camera man George Payne. People looked up to witness this powerful manifestation under the tent as the stream of substance flowed like there was a wind behind it.  This is one of the most powerful manifestations ever caught on video.

         Once again last fall during the week of the tremendous destruction in New York, Mahesh Chavada spoke in an afternoon meeting.  Once again the glory filled the tent you could look up and notice the flakes of gold accumulate on Chavda's blue suit.  The cloud was in the tent on that day.  The is a place of powerful manifestation and a place of glory.  All Nation's Church has God's hand on it and the richness of what has been seen here is not going away.  Every conference brings something new.  Emanuel means God is with us and All Nations Church is a place where God's glory has come to fellowship with the people.  These churches we are mentioning are all houses of deep prayer and intercession it would be well to note that this is foundation for the presence of God being in these places.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International

MOBILE, AL  -- We have had the opportunity to travel and be with those people in the last 8 years who love revival.  On a regular basis someone calls our office and asks about a certain part of the country where they are either moving to or visiting. The question comes up where are the anointed churches of the river?  How can we get there and who are the people involved.  Well we will try to make an attempt to recognize some of these awesome wells of anointing.  In the next seven days we will visit with some of these places and recognize there tremendous influence on the Body of Christ.


Chris Harvey as seen to the side is just one of several invited ministers on Friday night at Heritage Fellowship.  If Pastor Cleddie Keith is known for anything, he is known for the heart he has for revival.  Heritage Fellowship has been in continuous revival for eight straight years.  This church has been in the river even before Brownville and Toronto.  There move started when Rodney Howard-Brown visited Pastor Bob Rodgers in Louisville, Kentucky at the then Evangel Family Center (Evangel World Prayer Center).  Cleddie Keith and several of his members headed down to Louisville to drink from this anointed cup. The following Sunday revival broke out at Heritage Fellowship. Cleddie Keith has had revival for the last eight years on Friday night at Heritage Fellowship.  Heritage is a hub fellowship of the river in the Ohio River Valley that has touched pastors and churches from Youngstown, Ohio to Pensacola, Florida.  Keith is know as a father figure in the body of Christ.  He is the friend of the Pastor in revival and the evangelist.  His people are spoiled at Heritage Fellowship and the Remnant is a witness to this.  Some of the greatest and most anointed men of God travel to this great house to bless the Kingdom of God.  If we had to choose one church that has done more in this river move of God outside of Toronto and Pensacola, it would be this one here.  It is one of the most well guarded secrets in the United States and the World -- Heritage Fellowship has been chosen as on of the best Pentecostal Churches in the United States by The Remnant International. 
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International









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