23 Deformities Healed At Once

Anyone who grew up in the Pentecostal period of the Latter Rain and the Charismatic
Movement knew about this man called R. W. Schamboch. Tuning into the local AM Christian Stations in the afternoons, you heard the man of God say at the end of each program, "You donít have any problems all you need is God."  I spent time with this tremendous man of God in August of 2005.  Recently this great man of God was layed to rest at age 85 years of age but the story he told the first time I met him will never be forgotten by this man of God.  He is a blessing and he will always be a part of my wife Vivian, he was our teacher in 1977 when I was first Baptised in the Holy Ghost.

AM Christian Stations

Tuning into the local AM Christian Stations in the afternoons, you heard the man of God say at the end of each program, "You donít have any problems all you need is God." He is a Holy Ghost institution, his voice is distinctive and even though he is advanced in years, for two days in Porterville, California at Landmark Christian Center he spoke about his experiences and the powerful moves of God that he witnessed in his early days of ministry with healing Evangelist A.A. Allen.  Schambock was the armor bearer for A. A. Allen until his death in San Francisco.

Allen had some of the most phenomenal healings in his great tent and for short period of time R. W. Shambock was groomed to learn the calling of an evangelist under him. When Shambock came out of the Navy in World War II he served as Allenís right hand man for six years, until he established his own tent ministry.

AMAZING MIRACLE In Birmingham, Alabama

One of the most amazing healings was recalled when a women with a child came to a meeting in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1950ís. The boy was four years old; he had no male organs, and hadnít walked since he was born because of his abnormalities. He could not see and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. With over 26 individual deformities, he was in need of a creative miracle or he would eventually die in his childhood.. The young mother approached Shambock and asked, "When Brother Allen was going to pray for her child?"  She had been there several days and had to return back to her home in Tennessee. "All I have is $20, five for gas and $15 for a doctorís visit for the boy." In those days they took prayer cards with numbers on them and passed them out. When your card was called thatís when prayer was made for you. Shambock told her that if the evangelist didnít call her number he would personally take the child to Allenís trailer to petition the man of God for prayer.

As the service began they started to take the offering, Shamrockís eyes was fixed on the women with the child. He saw great faith rise up in her as she walked to the front and put a bill in the offering. When Shambock looked in the bucket, the twenty dollar bill was there. She had enough faith to believe God for the miracle. "My heart was on that little boy," said Shambock.

A Word of Knowledge

After the offering, God moved upon the evangelist with a word of knowledge. As Allen was carried away in the Spirit, "I see a doctor telling a mother something, ĎHe wonít live through the first year.í (Despite the childís disability, he had already lived four years) I see the mother packing a suitcase and the two traveling toward the Alabama-Tennessee border. Is there someone here tonight that fits that description?" Immediately the women went forward with her child. He was so crippled that the boy had to be carried everywhere they went; he was carried toward the man of God and given to him. As the evangelist began to pray while holding the boy I saw the tongue snap like a rubber band back into his head. Where there were milky eyes I saw the Lord form two brand new beautiful brown eyes. As the people were stirred in the building God creatively formed two feet on the childís legs. The popping of the bones could be heard, as each part of the body came into place and the child stood erect perfectly made whole. The boy being frightened began to call for his mama. The evangelist put the boy down, and he ran back to his motherís arms perfectly made whole.

That night everyone was healed, people in wheelchairs immediately walked out of them as great faith arose and everyone with anything wrong with them was healed. Every person in the building was made whole Ė in all my experience in ministry I have only seem that one time. The next day the meeting hit the front page of the Birmingham News; the women told the large crowd she had given her last $20 in the offering and had no money to return home on, as people left the building they were stuffing money in the womenís purse.

The powerful ministry of this legend of Pentecost was displayed for all to see. If you grew up knowing him from the radio then when you actually got to see him personally it was a blessing beyond belief. Schambach is the last of an original cast from the 1950ís and he hasnít missed a lick. God still moves through him in a powerful way.