By Rev. Jerrell Miller, Remnant International Editor

WASHINGTON, DC — We are watching a peace process going on now that could have a bad ending. Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazem) is in the process of negotiations with Israel for the West Bank of Israel. A Washington Post reporter asked him if the peace talks would have to be approved by Yasir Arafat and he said, "Absolutely - he is the leader of the Palestinian people." Mazem is on record as saying that there was no such thing as a Holocaust. To know a little about this man Abu Mazem is to know his statements and feelings about the Jewish people. These statements were made in his book published as a dissertation for his doctorate. In that book, he said that Zionist leaders collaborated with the Germans to help establish the state of Israel. Abu Mazem says there was never a Holocaust and that 6 million Jews were not killed during World War II. He says the Holocaust was manufactured as a land grab against the Palestinian people to create the Nation of Israel.

       There is a rush to peace by the Bush Administration and it seems as if any leader will do other than Yasir Arafat. However, when it comes down to the place of dealing with the overall peace plan, the bandit of Ramalla, Yasir Arafat, will cast the final vote. During the siege at Ramalla by the Israeli Army it was found that Arafat was housing the men who assassinated the Travel Minister Rehavam Ze’evi in Jerusalem during October of 2001.


      Documentation and letters were found at Arafat’s compound that has linked him to several organizations and people associated with Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Should the United States of America be dealing with this known terrorist? We are being sold the same furniture time after time and in the end we have the same results, violence against the people of Israel. We are treating an old friend like an economic pawn. We are more worried about losing Saudi oil than protecting the people of Israel. Does our country realize that most of the 19 hijackers on September 11 were Saudis?

     Israel is under extreme financial pressure. The one industry that has blessed Israel for years is tourism. Tourism and those who support it are bankrupt after three years of terrorism. No one ever thought terrorists would come into the country and launch such bloody attacks against school children, commuter buses, teens and people in restaurants in Jerusalem and all over the country. Slowly the state of Israel is turning into a welfare state.

      Before the Israelis established their new nation, it was nothing but sand and desert. The people have worked the land and every fruit you can imagine is growing in the Jordan River Valley. Now the Palestinians want the water rights to the Jordan River, the three aquifers in the north of Israel that feed the Jordan River will be under the control of the Palestinians. If they have the power of the water rights, they could divert the water and dry Israel up. Before Israel came home to their ancestral land, the Palestinians - who claim to have the rights to the land – had made no improvements on it for farming. Ah, but the amazing agricultural progress of the Israelis was prophesied in Scripture.

      The killing of Ze’evi, the tourism minister, was done for a reason. Since 1967, archaeological excavations around the temple site have proven that the Jewish Nation was the first inhabitant of the land. Today a museum of antiquities stands near the temple site. It had been dedicated a month before Zevi was shot at the Hyatt Regency in October of 2001. It was the Palestinians who wanted this man dead, as they were angry that he built the museum and insulted their beliefs and claims on the land. Islamic believers deny the fact that there was ever a temple on this site and hold this site holy because of The Dome of the Rock. Zevi worked also with the people of the Temple Institute. What will happen next on this site? Many fundamentalist Jews are calling for the rebuilding of the temple. If the Jewish people rebuild their temple on its correct site, The Dome of the Rock will be no more. This is going to happen. How do we know? Scripture foretells of this event. It will happen and it will be done by those who are searching for a savior. Jews (without belief in Jesus) believe they will never be exiled again and they also believe they are close to their Salvation and the temple site will be a major bone of contention for this area. The fulfilled Scripture in Israel has proven prophecy to be exact. Zephaniah 3:9 says, "For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent." The main language spoken in Israel today is the ancient Hebrew language, remodeled by the gifted scholar Eleazar Ben-Yehuda. This man fulfilled this Scripture. As we sit back and read our Bibles, we know what is going to happen next, but there are those who are living for the here and now and the wealth of nations. Perry Stone said something that was very interesting about the colors of the Four Horsemen of Revelation. Stone said that the colors of the horses are white, red, black and green. Where people thought the fourth horse was pale, it is actually green, through the interpretation of scripture. Stone went on to say that in the last days the Anti-Christ would come out of the Karbala region of Iraq. There are only two flags that have the four colors of the Revelation Horsemen and they are found on the Palestinian flag and the flag of Iraq. The very fact of the colors draws us even closer to the day of the Lord over Israel. To step back and watch the whole scope of what is happening is to see the entire Arab world unite over the Palestinian situation. The Shiites are pressing in and are gaining strength in Iraq. Soon we will have to face this rapidly growing movement among the Islamic people. As I sat with a powerful Spirit-filled leader who grew up in an Arab region, he said this, "The moderate Arabs will follow the Jihad, it’s just a matter of time." The United States is the power broker of the world. We have not initiated a sequence of events that will bring the Arab Nations together like they have never been. While we try to establish democracy in the Middle East, we are going to see a rise of the fundamentalism of the Islamic belief and the fundamentalism of the Jewish people. Between this conflict, the final stage is being set for some of the greatest warfare this world has ever seen. The man of sin is about to appear and he will bring with him the unity of the entire Arab world. We are the witnesses of the final conflict of this entire world before Jesus Christ comes through the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem. No one can see the future, but the oracles of the Old and New Testament have written about the final conflict. The entire world does not bow its knees to the one who came to save it. The conflicts will affect many who live a normal lifestyle, but when the events start happening rapidly it will be like a new 911 every month. The birth pangs of the end were sounded by the fall of the towers but the final conflict will be in Jerusalem as we see Almighty God come in defense of His own people. Redemption is drawing closer. Those who have a prayer now must lift up President George W. Bush and ask God to show him any deception in the process of this peace that surrounds Jerusalem.

My friend, pray for the peace of Jerusalem like you have never prayed before.