Kelly May Howard-Browne
Oct 24, 1984 to Dec 25, 2002

ORLANDO, FL — Some people would have been so distraught they would have been carried away from their main objective, but Rodney Howard-Browne stood in his pulpit on Sunday Morning, January 5, and called for prayer for the sick. "We took our Family Christmas picture two months before Christmas. Next year when we take that picture, someone will be missing." That someone is Howard-Browne’s daughter, Kelly May Howard-Browne. She was just 18 years old. Kelly Howard-Browne was called home to a place without disability, a place of love and a place that had been prepared for her. Rodney stood by his daughter’s side on Christmas morning and released her at 4:37 AM to the Kingdom of God. "It’s the greatest offering I have ever given in my life."

As Kelly died on Christmas Day, an outpouring of love came to the Howard-Browne house. The leaders of revival called to give comfort to Rodney and Adonica. Pastor John Kilpatrick called from the Brownsville Revival and prayer teams from all around the world were pouring their love over the situation. Kenneth (Rodney’s son), on the way to the church on Sunday morning said, "It’s like we’re on a spiritual high, Daddy. You can feel the prayers of people all around us." Rodney spoke about the great peace that he and Adonica felt at the time. "If you can imagine the greatest Spiritual experience you have ever had in your life and then multiply that by a thousand, then you would sense what my wife and I are feeling right now."

Before they made the final arrangements for the funeral, Rodney asked for the body to be brought to the church on Monday, December 30, so that they might ask Jesus and the Father to restore Kelly. "When you have prayed for the dead (and they were raised)," said Howard-Browne, "then your faith has been raised to a level where you can believe for anything. As we went to pray for her, we could feel the tremendous presence of God. During the first 45 minutes, the glory of God was in the room. We prayed all the way to 5 PM and then we committed her body."

Rodney told his congregation that the growth of his ministry had a lot to do with their struggle with Kelly’s health. "There is no way in a hundred years that our ministry would have ever gone around the world with the intensity that it had if it wasn’t for Kelly in our life. We saw her fight and we fought. Kelly never complained about her situation. I went toward ministry with a greater intensity because of her."
"We had a man call us who had raised 20 people from dead," continued Howard-Browne. "He said he would come if we asked him. This man said that everyone he raised from the dead was unhappy with him when they came back. I’ll be honest with you, if I went on and someone called me back, I would knock them out. If you get into the glory of Heaven then nothing on earth will mean anything to you anymore."
Ministry associate Eric Gonyon said that he had a dream on the morning that they buried Kelly. "Just before I woke up on Tuesday morning, I had a dream that I was in Heaven. My spirit was there and I began to look for Kelly. I saw a young lady that looked like her from the back. I called to her and it was Kelly. She asked me, ‘What are you doing here?’ She was so beautiful. I told her she was supposed to go back and she said, ‘I hate that thing.’ I saw two beams of light that could have been angels. I saw one of the beams leave - it could have left to go to the Father - and then one beam went over her body. Kelly then said, ‘You see - everything is fine.’ She then said, ‘You go, you have to go first.’ It was then I woke up." Gonyon (who was healed of AIDS)
said that he felt as if Kelly was very
happy to be where she was.
Rodney spoke that Sunday on John 14 and the mansions that God is preparing for his Bride. A man that had been raised from the dead in Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry said that he has seen the mansions - but the Bride of Christ is not ready to come to heaven.
Rodney said that even in the last moments of Kelly’s life, he asked her if she was absolutely sure. Howard-Browne asked, "How many people who are here today will not be here next year?" He spoke about how this life, for the Christian, is only a place where we are visiting. Then he spoke about how a Christian should live their life while they are on earth. "Get rid of the things that offend God. Just practice the Word of God and mold your life around that. Don’t miss out, do everything on earth with eternity in mind. We should ask ourselves the question, as we live this life on earth, ‘Did I leave them burdened or free? Did I place a burden on them that would hinder them in their earthly race, or did I set them free?’"
Rodney spoke about the cloud of witnesses surrounding the earth that is shouting for you. They are calling to us saying, "You can make it, you can overcome the flesh, don’t give up, don’t quit the heavenly race! Everything that the world could offer cannot compare to the glory that shall be revealed and manifested to those who have run the race." Rodney said that worship will prepare your heart for eternity. "Offer up the sacrifice of praise. Worship Him with your mouth." The second thing that will prepare you for eternity is giving. Give with your heart. Hear the Word and live it, make the adjustments in your life.

        On Friday, Rodney had traveled to Orlando to be with Reinhard Bonnke. As they were walking through a park, they noticed a couple of little babies in wheelchairs who were disabled. "There came a family with two children in wheelchairs, they were totally deformed. Immediately when I saw the children, I didn’t feel sorry for the children. Those children don’t know what normal is - they couldn’t even communicate. My heart went out to the parents, because they deal with it on a constant basis. You should allow the Lord to work with you to get rid of the things that hold you back, the things that could disqualify you from the eternal race. We should take on the responsibility of souls. You’re not supposed to be Billy Graham, but I’m asking you to pick up the responsibility of the heavenly race."
        The home going of Kelly Howard-Browne could not be measured by the yardstick of sadness because there was too much glory surrounding the situation. Oh yes, Rodney, Adonica, and the family will miss her being here, but during this time period, the greatest witness touched the Howard-Browne family. Scripture says that unless a seed dies it cannot bring forth a harvest. Now that Kelly’s seed has been planted in the ground, the expectation of the next level of God’s glory will bring an even a greater harvest. We were blessed to be with the family at this time, and share in Kelly’s home going. Pray for the Howard-Browne family at this time.
Even now, Lord Jesus, come.